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Odd views of the world. A bit more on phone photography.

The iPhone is more than a phone for me… In fact I rarely use it as such. Instead it has, for a long while, been my primary method of creating images, initially drawn and now photographed.

The iPad (and a range of tablets including the Hudl, Surface, Galaxy Tab, a variety of Dell, Lenovo and Asus tablets and so on) is currently my go-to painting and drawing device because of the increased screen real estate – something that I remember not being convinced about when I imported my very first iPad. But then, somehow, the larger screens became the ones I picked up most to do a painting and the Phone… well, it didn’t languish, but the drawn images became fewer and further between. I still draw on the small screen but those pictures are rarer.

Stylus T says Ribbet, for example, was drawn on my phone a couple of days after I’d come back from a lovely holiday while I was going through my pics.

And therein lies the rub: what I love about the iPhone is the camera. The Lumia‘s might have better glass but the iPhone, currently, has the better apps and the quicker pedal to metal. The Galaxy S4 was awful in this respect and I took far more blurry photo than I would have liked with that phone which, apart from that one pitfall, I liked loads. All of the pics in this blog and this blog were taken with the iPhone… Its my go to photography device 99% of the time and with the addition of an Olloclip it becomes even more fun:

Pink Marshmallow.

White Marshmallow

Chin Chin and Green Grass.

As you can probably guess I’m extremely fond of Autostitch, Boinx’ You Gotta See This app (which, while brilliant, is VERY MUCH in need of an update) and Olloclip’s in general. I’ve mentioned it before but I was utterly heartbroken when one of my two Ollo’s bit the dust 🙁

’nuff said.

I’ve written about Phoneography before, and no doubt will again ((although you’d be far better served by checking out the work of the very wonderful Nettie ‘Lumilyon’ Edwards who takes mobile phone photography very much to a higher level)). My mind is already moving towards the likely September 6th announcement of a new iPhone (although I will have an eye very firmly pointed to the keynote at IFA for the Samsung Note 4 – which is a fabulous phone. I love the S-Pen integration very much) but, with both announcements, it’ll be the camera that I’ll be most interested in seeing the evolution to come…

At the Adobe Summit, London ExCeL, 2013.

So, after the Gadget Show Live I thought I’d take a break and so it worked out… for a couple of weeks. Then I was invited to attend the Adobe Summit and with something that cool on the horizon you can’t really miss it can you?

The Headline Keynote was probably that of Felix Baumgartner who, surely, needs no introduction… But there were fabulous talks from a range of participants and it was all excellent fun and very jolly indeed. I drew on two tablets (iPad and Samsung Galaxy) using a range of styli (partially to show them off to people who asked questions as I was drawing. I focused on my three favourites: Nomad Flex, Stylus Sock and Pogo Sketch Pro but used others off and on through the day).

I used Adobe Touch apps, naturally, with Eazel being used a little (as I like to play a little more methodically on that one and the demands of the day didn’t naturally gravitate to slow image creation) and Adobe Ideas and Photoshop Touch being used a lot. No idea why but I tend to prefer to use Ideas on the iPad (well, I can tell you why on that one – it’s been discontinued on Android) and I far prefer Photoshop on the Samsung devices that I’ve used. It’s an odd quirk of mine (and I do use Photoshop on iOS as well, I guess because I used it on Android first it always feels more at home there…)

(and not that I own a Note enabled SPen device at the moment but Photoshop and SPen are an excellent combination…)

Anyhow these are the pictures that I drew or photographed on the day (with a little bit of recolouring done on the first pic this morning…) Click on any of the photos to get the larger version held on my Flickr site…

(Samsung, Photoshop Touch, Nomad and Pogo. I drew 90% of it on the train and tube travelling to ExCeL).

(iPad and Photoshop Touch, focusing on the giant metal Octopus tentacle above everyone’s heads).

(The giant metal Octopus tentacle above everyone’s heads. The stoic participants barely flinched or panicked, proving that Doctor Who has taught us nothing…)

And there’s a good three or four pics I tweeted out but haven’t finished yet… The point of me drawing the sessions was to tweet the images out as near to when the participants where on the stage, which seemed to work very well and everyone seemed happy with the results, which was also nice. More cool stuff to come, hope you like these pics 🙂