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Dalekanium? Schmalekanium…

Ok so missed the first few minutes of New Who (been out at Legoland all day albeit with a bad back) and missed some of the ep itself as was out getting tea for the brats but for the most part that seemed like a solid ep. Ups and downs as with most things but it did give me the idea for this which I’ve been bibbling and bobbling about with through the day when my back was painful enough for me to need to pitstop and let the kids get on with things.

Drawn with love, both for Who and Marmite 🙂

Drawn almost entirely (as I often say) with Brushes. The bit below is what I added with Pixelmator: a enhance colours layer, an overlay/blur layer and an overlay b/w gradient layer.

Anyhow, in the voice of a Dalek, EXTERMARMITE!