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Last nights pictures…

Lovely night out last night watching the footie and sketching on the iPod touch. Had been invited out to a gig in the evening so went to see the footie and walk from one place to the gig. As it was I should have stuck with the gig venue throughout because they were watching the football too and the crowd there was awesome. One more pic to come (have to scan it, was a pencil/paper thing – shocking I know).

Now with added Octosquid violence.

Couple of doodles.

While on the train to the DMcK exhibition I also doodled these when I needed to stop thinking about Sylver and college and stuff. Funny how some areas of work can be more therapeutic than others… Anyhow here they is, possibly, but not definitely on sale at the Book Draw. With the exception of the books (Sylver and Messenger) I’m aiming to have a couple of bits and bobs, canvasses and the like if I can get them finished, I’ll sell them off for the four charities I like to support most (Christian Aid, EngageHIVaids, Tearfund and War Child). We’ll see lots of water to flow under the bridge etc.




My artwork in the Tate…

Sort of kind of.


The Tate Modern to be exact, which I enjoyed a lot more than wifey and daughter did. Oh well, will have to waddle over there another time without them.

Also a couple of gratuitous shots, total new camera syndrome beginning to wear off now though.. A little.



Keen on the Repository of the Past shot, ahem, sorry, I mean St Paul’s Cathedral… The horses at Camden Market are OK but I didn’t quite get the angle I wanted. Bearing in mind it was a quick snap while waiting for wifey and daughter to go somewhere on their own and carrying half a hundred weight of bags it was OK.

Wish list: long dull art software post.

Apparently V 1.5 of my favourite photo editing package (Pixelmator if you needed to ask) is out in a few short weeks time and it, and a small slanging match online, made me think of things I would like to see in the update: layer styles, brush palette coverflow and folders, layer groups, text rotation and manipulation in vector, nested palettes, mask to layer transform, wave filter, filter on filter deformation, CMYK and so on.

Which is actually a long list. Ironically 1.5 seems to be about web graphic manipulation so my little list isn’t likely to be looked at I would have thought, but hey, I am unusual. (The small slanging match was to do with a sadness I expressed that every review of Pixelmator dwells and overdwells on what’s missing, not what’s there. Despite this list – and this is a little like life, kids, there’s loads that Pixelmator does amazingly well and that’s what I judge it by not what it’s yet to be. That was described as irritating complaining but hey ho).

Ahem. /sermon.

Anyhow, the other thing it made me think about was that two of my other favourite art packages are coming towards a refresh also and, in one case, a major update apparently: Blender hits 1.5 (doh! well spotted – 2.5 indeed) and Expression Design hits V3. Blender, we’re told, will have a completely upgraded user interface (which, I hate to say it, is long overdue. It’s intelligent but a little overwhelming and offputting) and Microsoft’s Expression Design…

Hmmm…. Well, we’ll see. ED2 (and 1 as well) are, in ways, a step back from the prior versions of the software (which reached their peak in Expresion 3.3 which is still available as a free download from Microsoft if you’re interested in a try out). I’d love to see ED become the de facto vector tool of choice for designers but there are a good few niggles and that’s a shame. I love it to pieces though, but there’s a fair few things that were taken out for no discernible reason (fill fringes? Effect lines? Fill softening? Variable stroke width?) and a good few things that I’d love to see in there: stroke mixing and blurring, layer transitions (by which I mean strokes moving from one layer into another giving the user a pseudo 3d effect, layer shadows with perspective depth and a better way to look at fill colours, vectors and bitmaps. And also, while we’re on the subject, a flipping Mac version.

Did read a review of Painter 11 which I’d love to play with and Photoshop CS4 needs to have more of a playthrough when I have the time. Good times for art software 🙂 It’s turning into a heck of a year for AAA art software 🙂

Just wish I had more time to play with the software and create more doodles 😉

Side project preview…

So I’ve been working on two books back to back and this is the second, Sylver 3 being the first.

TBH I’m very happy with Sylver, sorry should start training myself into using its proper name: Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of Time, because I think that, out of anything I’ve written, its the thing that does anticipation best (I think, anyway. Time and reviews will tell).

This is the other project: a hard cover, dust jacketed, 80 page collection of artwork from my days at various computer games houses, multi-media companies, freelance posts etc and a lot of personal stuff that’s never been seen before. It’s very much a vanity project and my dad in law put it best when he said ‘…but who would want to read this*?’

Dunno, was my answer at the time. I’m not in any illusion about its appeal and that I’ll probably be the highest customer for it to nab copies for those nearest and dearest, but at £15 or so for well over 100+ images I think it is a complete snip**!








What no blurb at the back…? Again I’m imaging this is something I’m more likely to buy for friends and family and, with that in mind, the back and the blurb will be personalised per person. May do a second cover with blurb on for those who cant do without but I’d far rather it was the final picture and every one was different…

Righto, more pix to add later but, as ever, onwards. And, in the direction I’m headed is children to sleep swiftly followed by me.

* although of course sometimes people could say that about anything I write… Sigh…

** but then, I would say that…

***Book available from blurb.com as of June the 1st, 2009. Price to be confirmed but around £8 for the softcover version and £15 for the hardback version. Artist hand not included but more than happy to personalise each one. Email me for  a link if you can’t wait otherwise I’l post it here soon.

I :heart: doodling…

For a while I’ve been somewhat addicted to playing with the book making software at Blurb.com. Basically I had been looking for a file so had started to go through my back up CDs to find it and was surprised by 1: just how much rubbish I saved off just in case and 2: how many pieces of work I’d completed (or semi-completed) and forgotten. That started me saving some of the pictures into a folder and that started me looking at Blurb.

Since then I’ve been through two iterations but I think I’m getting to a point where the most vanity of any project I’ve worked on will be complete: a portfolio of artwork from the mid 80’s to mid 08. (with a couple from early this year added in for good measure but that wouldn’t help the title so shhhh).

Ironically, with 80 pages more or less complete, the hardest thing was coming up with a cover. FOr the first two versions it was pretty plain: just the Paul ball and the word Paulfolio. Which I do still kind of like but, with v3, I was wanting something different and, by chance, I think I’ve lucked on it in the shape of a free download called Shape Collage (google it, it’s the first link, it’s free, works with Mac, pc, linux and other systems I think and is a lovely program…) Shape Collage takes a collection of pictures and places them on a new image in a variety of forms which you can choose or create yourself. It’s loads of fun, been playing with it for the past half hour when I really should be working, and came out with this. It’s not the cover, but it’s pretty close.


I heart art

You can see a larger version of the image here if you want to.

Yesterdays three meetings were: OK, Good and cancelled in that order. More news to come on that score but loads to do in the interim.

New doodle.


I loooove playing with new software, seeing what the new filters are and seeing the general improvements so I count myself doubly lucky to be playing with a beta piece of software to offer suggestions or find any bugs or issues…. Only played with it for an hour or so but this is the first doodle and was a nice picture to see as the result of my playing around with brush settings.

Old pic.


Just found a CD with some old artwork and this sprung up. Made me smile to re-see, sometimes I completely forget the doodles I’ve done. Couple more to come, although the cd is pretty scratched and isn’t happy transfering them all.

In other news: SNOW! Still. Which I fully like, except when it’s been thrown at me and gone done my neck. Slightly less pleasant then. Two days off work hasn’t been unpleasant either 🙂

One more thing…

There’s that inner apple fanboy coming out again…

Forgot to mention a non-related thing mark 2:

Downloaded Expression Studio 2 the other day (as part of Microsoft’s support a student scheme, bless ’em) and have been totally addicted to switching it on (well, the Design part of it anyway) and playing if I get any free time, generally between 10 and half 11 most nights, much to the grumpiness of my wife.

Nearly a week in and it’s a mixed review so far. Expression, for anyone who knows me, is BY FAR my favourite art software with Photoshop coming in second place. Pixelmator is nearly there and Blender, Flash, Fireworks and others all get an airing occasionally. Expression is the only one I play with rather than work in though. Love it to pieces…

Currently I’m in the ‘learning new features, frustrated with changes’ zone and also the slightly sluggish working in virtual mode – it’s currently being used on a lowish end macbook using Parallels 3 as a bridge. However there are some BIG changes that are winding me up a wall.

For a start I was surprised by how much I had come to use soft fills and fringes to give sometimes very subtle effects. They’re not there anymore. Worse still is the exclusion of effect lines! Shocking.

These images have some of the taken out options in. No idea how I’d replicate some of the effects in there without:




((the last one is called faces because every time I look at it I just end up looking at the faces that come out of the lines)).

Apart from that the new effect filters are lovely and I’m aiming to be working with them a lot. Here’s the first doodle done, playing with the new options.

creature house microsoft expression

Frustratingly the colour blend modes don’t seem to work and I’ve got no idea whether that’s the build I have or what… Hoping to get some customer support although, sadly, their forum is filled with people saying the same sort of thing.

Regardless Expression remains my favo piece of art software… I’m just not sure which version of it it is just yet… Or whether I’ll be using both Expression 3.3 (old) and Design Studio 2 (new). Ironically both were free downloads from Microsoft and that’s something that I think the company are well deserving of thanks for over and above the slating they get for many things.

But I still want my effects lines back 🙁