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I have been fighting this image all flipping day…


It’s a long story… 99 pages in fact. This is page 33. Loved doing 99% of the page but the face of Red fought me all the way through and it took as much time to do her eyes and mouth as it did to do the rest of the page.

Dr Sylver and the Tapestry and Time went to Highland this morning. We’ll see if the changes pass muster, hope so 🙂 Release date as and when it comes in…

Twitting the Pic.


Adding to the list of sites I’m playing at having a presence on I’ve added Twitpic to the roster. Been using Twitter for a while (www.twitter.com/kercal and now have uploaded a good few pix to http://twitpic.com/photos/kercal as well. Have a gander if you want. Not a HUGE amount of new stuff up there – more a mish mash of the vectors, photoshop and Pixelmator pics that are on my hard drive but all of the new Red stuff will go up there first I think.

Also, in a bit of a welcome about turn of events was spell checking the last few Sylver changes last night on the bus back from work and actively enjoyed it. That’s a turn around, been a slog for a while, to enjoy the work I’m

Ofsted day three….

OK so today is day three of the week long college dentistry. Dodged a bullet yesterday as someone did come to observe a class I was leading but, for some reason, the message had not been communicated onwards that ours was an exam class and because of that the observer left which, at the time I was strangely disappointed about. They’re an excellent bunch of kiddies and we often have brilliant lessons. Ah well… Afterwards was relieved but hey ho. Today am teaching ICT all day and it’s computer games design so that’ll be fine if someone comes to watch.

Diff subject: Sylver 3. Oh boy has this been at the whit and whim of life in general. We’re now on the final stretch but I feel like I’ve been saying that for yonks… Two changed have been agreed, and they do make the final piece stronger, but the time to do so.. That’s the trickier thing. We’re not talking intricate surgery here, both changes are fairly self contained, but… Ah well. Onwards again.

Inspired by the excellent Phil Groom I’ve done a wordle of the first paragraph of Sylver 3. Have seen the images about but never known what web page was responsible for making them. Here it is, shame I can’t do the whole book like it!


Mini review of books, sort of/kind of.

Brief update amidst chaos. This weekends been both wonderful (lovely weather that allowed us to do a lot) and a fire fight with autism at the centre of just about everything we did and had to do… On a program in the last week someone described parenting autistic children and adults as never getting beyond the stage of dealing with a 2 year old and, to an extent, that’s true (which makes it all the more difficult when the 2 year old is trapped in a healthy 9 year old body and wants to jump at you from the middle stair). The good thing about it then, I suppose, is that if you like Pixar films, Brum and Thomas the Tank engine you’re going to get very knowledgable about the plot lines through repetition.

So, at the end of a pretty long 48 hours, it was very pleasant to see a twitter… um…. tweply (? re-tweet? Tweet back?) from a Mr T. Merritt to say he enjoyed the card and was ‘impressed’ with the books. In 140 characters it made me smile, want to know more (either one in particular? Favorite character, can I post the quote in big, neon letters, that sort of thing), want to print a screenshot of the page and post it and all sorts. Regardless of increased curiosity levels it was a pleasant end to the day, which now gets a postscript here. 

Heck of a week to come: lots of juggling with a freelance job which had been agreed to which falls slap bang in the middle of the college’s ofsted inspection, a few emails that really need sorting out, a new CRB to be completed, a staff card to be applied for… Stupid amounts of stuff that have to be done by Monday alone…. But for the moment I’m happy 🙂


On the subject of Tapestry I’ve just done two advert backers for Highland, one containing the new cover for one of their books which I designed at short notice. The older version was deemed to need something and, as soon as I saw the title, I suggested something new and was asked to mock it up. Bit of luck it’ll be approved and I’ll post that up here if it does.

In the short term here’s the image backer for Tapestry.


Trees: the return thereof

For a variety of reasons I’m feeling moderately deflated. Sylver 3 has been pushed back to June 19th which is scarily close to the summer season (and is mostly my fault but hey ho). It’s both the best thing I’ve written and, seemingly, the hardest thing to push and, energy levels wise it just seems like a very high mountain to climb.

Similarly there’s a huge amount of stuff to be done in what feels like every aspect of my life. Nothing feels like a tick on the list and subsequently it’s hard to know where to start. Ah well.

Because of that, I guess, I’ve just spent half an hour in my favourite paint package (well, a couple of hours – one of the jobs was a book cover for someone which is a nice piece of art if it’s selected) and, as soon as that was finished I’ve gone onto this, just for the mental relaxation of it. It came out pretty well, for a half hour doodle, hence the uploading of it here.

Off to youth group soon, which I’m sure I’ll enjoy – lovely bunch of kids – but today must admit the energy and hope levels are pretty low….