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Drawing for drawings sake… And sanity also… :)

So as mentioned aforehand I’ve joined a sketchbook exchange and these are previews of the fruits of the first burst of drawing, off and on. Full pics to follow sometime in the future, but it’s nice to get back to pencils and water 🙂

And of course that led me back to the iPod with this elaboration of one of the sketchpad images. Both are different beasts of course, the original is pencil and wash on unsuitable paper (sorry, I don’t want to be a sketchpad snob but I really do dislike the WHSmith grey plastic cover pads…) and the other is drawn using the Brushes app as ever as always… 🙂

In other news had an up/down week. Loads of stuff done – primarily the art exhibition at the college I work at – more details on that one later – and as a result I’m walking around like a tired lil Zombie. And that leads onto my next news… Book 8 seems to be moving through the option process quite well at the moment which is nice. Still hoping and praying for some success on the Sylver front but for the moment it’s nice to know that having gone back to square one in many ways (Sylver trilogy finished, not a part of Guildford Book Festival this year, not doing FISH so a lot of this year has felt like a complete reboot) I might not be stuck there for as long as I worried I might…