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BETT show video.

BETT show has been and gone. Some parts were lovely and others were a little rushed and stressful. I didn’t get to go and see some things I really wanted to but, but the same token, I got to do some things I wanted to as well and, at the end of the day there’s always Chin Chins to go to as well 🙂

I did get the chance to draw on the 27 inch Lenovo tablet, which was very nice, and to draw on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1s (which I like a lot) (a lot a lot in fact). I didn’t get the chance to draw on a Promethean IWB (but, to be fair, I do have two of those to work on whenever I want anyhow…)

But I did talk about Tablet art stuff and I did mention Nomad Brush, TenOne Design, Stylus Sock, Cosmonaut, Manga Camera, ArtRage, Portfolio to go, Brushes app V2, Reflector app, Olloclip and Astro clip, Parotec cases, Mophie, Griffin and Trent battery packs, Apple TVs and so on. Also did an unplanned couple of minutes on Autostitch and You Gotta See This as I could see the audience was into that side of things.

So, yes. 30 minutes of me waffling, if that’s your bag. Why am I not on commission for any of these companies 🙁 Boo.

Tablet only life drawing, April 1st. Honest.

Loads of updates to go up in the next couple of days… So much to catch up on including the fotowalk with the lovely LMUG and British Tech Network guys and gals and the closing of the art exhibition (a week ahead of schedule, was a tricky friday). I also did a camera comparison of four Apple devices so I’ll throw that on the blog sometime soon.

BUT on to business! This Sunday coming, April the 1st, (it’s been a mad March) sees the Bar Des Arts host the world’s first tablet ONLY life drawing session with the brilliant Brighton Life Drawing Sessions as the models. It’s going to be a corker and there are still a few tickets left so if you want to join in get in touch.

(click on the image for larger version).

We’ll start at 7 and end at 9.30 and, while there play with art apps and styli and all sorts. And hopefully some people in the room will discover how easy and lovely drawing on iPad’s and other styli can be…

(more stuff to come but much to do, aargh!)

iPad and friends art exhibition, buying an iPad 3 and what happens next…

So it’s been a lovely bonkers week, only some of which I remember.

Weds was the opening of the art exhibition. For those who’ve not read prior posts: I organised an art exhibition of my students and those in the photography and Fine Art departments. It wasn’t without issue but it was a lovely show. The original plan had been for the tutors to follow it up with an exhibition of their own but, for one reason of another they mostly dropped out leaving me with a couple of weeks of exhibition venue to fill, if I wanted to. My workload should have dictated that I said no and that I’d pass but I’m a little bit too stubborn and stupid to do that. So I phoned around, got a few other artists to join in and then we had a magnificent 7 artists doing a lovely collaborative exhibition of everything from soft toys to coil guns, pen and ink to iPad art with fine art in between. Lovely stuff.

So we filled the room full of people, everyone seemed to have a very merry time and it was all lovely.

Thursday I don’t really remember, Friday I taught for the morning, dashed up to London to buy an iPad 3 or two, dashed back, did youth group, got home to draw and was so tired I fell asleep almost instantly, which is where things more or less remain. Saturday and Sunday, father in laws birthday/Mothering Sunday notwithstanding, have been very dozy days.

(didn’t take any photos of the iPad 3 dash – it was a little frenetic and I felt guilty about walking in and out of the store without having to queue – but I did take a couple of snaps at Chin Chins 🙂 Also: tweeted the next image to a twitter contact which I hope entertained him in a q for a few seconds or so…)

Next on the list is next Saturday (photo and art walk around Camden Market – more of which later), the week after is the Hockney exhibition with my students and the world’s first iPad and tablet only life drawing session…

So: lots on the menu over the next couple of weeks and then have a week COMPLETELY booked off. After that? We’ll see. Still no idea on the iPad art book hitting the bookstore – the EIN/ITIN/SS4/w8-BEN/W7/US IRS/Apple accreditation side of things still being all ways up in the air – but stuff to come, that’s for sure…

iPad art (yes, that old chestnut again).

I shall Momento this post up so as to start with the exhibition!

Which leads me to the next two weeks:

Next Weds is this: an iPad art exhibition in amongst other excellent things. Guildford if you can make it and would love to see some lovely people there…

The venue is the very lovely Bar Des Arts, opp Yvonne Arnaud. It’s a great place for an exhibition and better still that it’s a collaborative work between different artists. True to form my stuff gets hung at the last minute (well, Tues and Weds am) but the stuff that’s ready now is glorious and the whole thing, metal machinery by a teenage engineering genius, soft toys by an undiscovered creative mastermind, Fine Art by lovely and amazing artists and so on, not to mention iPad art by the very modest Moi, mean that it’s going to be a fab evening. I hope. You can never tell, can you? But I love the contents of the room and the artwork going into frames very soon indeed…

And then… Well, the small matter of the world’s first tablet only life drawing session (April 1st, honest) and from then… Easter break I think and OH BOY do I need it.

Fade to black, we open at the beginning…

It’s been a week. Yesterday and the day before especially so.

Tuesday was teaching, new students interviews and then dash up to London to go to the US Embassy (note: iPads will be taken off you at the door. Small objects, suspiciously shaped like hand grenades, will not be). Still didn’t get my itin number sorted out so now have to phone the US.


Then off to meet Lumilyon, who you should all know I am a fan of and she was in London. Happy happenstance and she’s a heck of an iPhoneographer. Was excellent to see her working.

Which led to the Hi5 innovation in teaching awards. I was nominated but failed to make the final cut. Least said the better really, although I was a little surprised and disconsolate by the end of the evening. Learning without frontiers seemed a little more future facing and implementing Youtube into a class structure or making a VLE wouldn’t have been my picks of obvious innovations, excellent though I’m sure they were. Hey ho. Will not talk of it again, although may post pics in the future and the food was very nice.

Then yesterday was, of course, iP3d night so I spent it with the LMUG’s and British Tech Network, drawing and laughing and chatting about liveblogs. All good fun. Prior to that I’d had an easy day of teaching 50+ year 5 and 6 girls how to do iPad art, despite the best efforts of both Arriva busses and South West trains to get in the way rather than get me there. Then another final meet up with Lumi and then to LMUG. Got home at midnight for the second night in a row, a smidge tired.

(also I’m being lesson observed 🙁 so that’s this week completely frazzled then).