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Way back when, when I was a different me…2.

A long while ago (I really should start writing dates down as I can’t remember diddly from last week and back let alone…. 2002?) I drew a 40 page comic/kids activity comic for a large scale religious family retreat holiday thing. It was a mix of computer artwork, primarily made in Creature House Expression, and hand drawn artwork,  drawn on watercolour paper using Derwent Inktense pencils.

The comic starred three characters from around 500bc Israel and a modern era superhero and was both a heck of a lot of fun to do and a huge amount of work.

As is still the way I do things (when it’s this sort of project) I drew everything on folded up A4 paper, scanned (well, now I generally photograph the artwork) and coloured using a variety of pieces of software: Photoshop, Pixelmator and Expression mainly.

As is also still the way I do things I can’t find the flipping image that goes with the picture above, having it on a machine that I’ve not used for so long I’ve forgotten the password. That’s one thing that HAS changed. While I still have two desktop machines on my desk (a Mac Mini and a lampstand Mac) and a machine next to it that I can’t bear to part with (an Apple Cube) I don’t use any of them having now almost completely swapped to an  mobile digital lifestyle.

This is a similar piece though, Trivia Man captured in the Stained Glass dimension. Was a lovely project, for a while I was asked to work on the sequel (although than never came to be) and also, in only the grandiose way that my mind can take A and B and think of Q as a logical successor, I had a rock opera in mind with the characters (yes, I know. I’d like to say I’ve calmed down but the songs were there from another source, I just repurposed them and had started drawing up the artwork when the sequel was cancelled. C’est La Vie. I dream big which is what’s got me to where I am).

I did come up with an unrelated follow up project, a 110 or so page 4 issue comic which I remember being quite proud of at the time, both as a story and artistically, but after having a pile or rejection letters misunderstanding it that almost dwarfed the projects page count I left it on the shelf, the shelf behind me as I sit and type this in fact, and there it remains. Haven’t looked at it for 8 years or more, hope it holds up when I do eventually look at it again.