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Quiet times…

Well, not so much actually… Have been sick as a sickpig for two weeks with a flu bug that’s doing the rounds… And then I went straight into a birthday I barely had the energy for and then it’s now 🙂

So where we at? Spent the afternoon doing planning for next years teAching and very excited to be starting that soon, just coming up to the end of year exhibition which should be exciting. Have drawn most of my Christmas cards too which is a first.

Lovely comments coming in concerning Messenger which is also lovely and, while I was ill I did manage to update my webpage at www.kercal.co.uk so have a mooch there if u’r interested.

Hmmm what else? I did find out this week that one project I was working on has been cancelled which is sad and I felt a little low for a couple of days. Shall bounce back i’m sure tho and it gives me the chance to try and breath a little easier I guess… But still, very dissapointing.

Apart from that? Hmm well nothing springs to mind off hand so shall sign off (well, I’m also installing a cool piece of software – expression studio – and it’s nearly done 🙂 )

Toodles 🙂