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Young Rewired State 2013.

Two Sundays ago (yes, I’ve been so busy since this is the first chance I’ve had to blog about it) I was invited to see the finale of the Young Rewired State Festival of Code week. It always comes at exactly the wrong time of year for me as the school holidays hit with a bump and a family holiday is much needed by that point… But last year I helped with the ‘Thank You’ video and I was delighted to be asked again this year. I don’t need much selling on the idea: as a youth worker for way over 20 years, a teacher and an aficionado of quirky techy stuff the idea of kids coming together to code and create is something I can get into quite easily.

(last years vid).

Which leads to this years. Again – a bit of a chaos beginning but artwork fell off the screen fairly easily and then I was off on holiday with the occasional re-jig of artwork as requested happening once the kids had come off the beach or similar. Some of the pics I was really pleased with, bearing in mind the ‘hit and hope’ nature of need in some cases, but the video hasn’t been put online to my knowledge just yet.

I did, the day of the hack showcase (and the day after I’d returned from holiday) step on a train at half 7 to get to Birmingham to watch some of the kids present their work and HUGELY INSPIRATIONAL it was too. They were fab, the kids, the mentors, the judges and more. It was a huge room, apparently having suffered some issues during the weekend but as a visitor I saw nothing to suggest that, and I was very glad I made the journey in a cauldron of train that Cross Country sold me a space on.

And I drew there, of course, ‘cos it seemed like a fun idea. Pics attached, poss video later too. Hope you like.