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Listening to the Pixar Story, flat on my back…

Very fascinating audio book… Well worth the purchase should that be up your street (although the narrator is not strictly to my taste having a strange range to his voice and being recorded with the tiniest hint of echo in the mix) and, since I’m on a massive Pixar kick at the moment, it’s cool to get the backstory to the films and the company, especially the history of my favourite films: Ratatouille and Cars.

I’ve got about an hour to go but couldn’t help but say I have no idea whatsoever the critics at the time were blathering on about, complaining about the story and imagery of Cars. It’s still one of my favourites, having the most heart on show of all of the Pixar films imo, and this is coming from someone actively bored by motor sport in general.

On a google search for art of Pixar books this flickr feed came up and contains some very beautiful pieces. I wish I had the space and the money to own some of these books to look at at my leisure, sigh, but the images here will do for my desktop backgrounds for the next year or so.

Art of Pixar stream