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Love shed and Foldify app.

Valentine’s day consisted of taking the youth group kid to see other youth group kids performing in a school performance of Little Shop of Horrors. And excellent fun it was too 🙂

So the night before wifey and I had a very nice dinner indeed at a restaurant we both like and swapped cards. Hers was typically cute, mine was the above, made into a 3d object and containing a Walnut Whip.

I made it in Foldify app, which I like LOADS and should play with more often. It’s a clever app (although it struggles a little on my iPad 3… I should run it on my iPad 2 to see, although that’s not a fair test as so much of the 3’s processing power is geared up to running the retina screen).

Regardless. A cool app. Occasionally, before I had iPads to call my own at college, I would let some of my students have a go on mine so I often find pictures they’ve created dotted around the apps. This one is of me and (I think) it looks a little shocking, or is that just me?

Love part 2.

More words to come (aaargh, I’m sure is the general response) but love’s been on my mind today, this week and for the past few months.

Picture’s that revolve around the theme of the day are:

Which I painted on my iPhone using ArtRage app and a smidge of photo reference. You can probably guess which bit is from the photo. In my mind was how lucky I am to love and be loved by some amazing friends and family all over the world, something that does lift me up far higher than I would be able were I on my own. I also had it in mind some friends who I’ve lost contact with and regret the distance. Kafat and Chad spring straight to mind for a start but I’m a hopeless case sometimes with my head often in a sketchpad or a screen. Sometimes I don’t realise someone’s gone until it’s too late.

Marmite Love which I drew on an Interactive Whiteboard during 2 of my 3 breaks at college. Couldn’t resist, nor could I resist filming it which you can see here:

And finally:

Valentine’s card for wifey which I made using Foldify app on iPad. It was the perfect size to contain (after a bit of resizing) a Walnut Whip as well, so went down quite nicely as a result…