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Give me a minute, we’ll get back to the above picture later.

I do like, as has been mentioned before, the Microsoft Surface tablet. Especially with Fresh Paint, an app which suits it down to the ground.

A short while ago the hashtag #MeetSurfacePro3 popped up on Twitter to cover a Microsoft tour of UK Currys/PC World stores (and Harrods) showing off the Surface Pro 3 before launch next week. Sounded like a nice plan so I checked the interactive map and found that my two local stores weren’t being visited which was a bit of a boo πŸ™

So it wasn’t in my mind when I popped into my local PC World this morning to buy a fridge for my dad (long story). While there the staff noticed I was in and sent a Microsoft rep to me to say they had a Surface 3 in store and asked if I want to play? The original plan had been to buy the fridge and skidaddle but my long suffering wife raised her eyes to the heavens and said that I could walk back and she’d go and get the shopping on her own.

Hence the picture above. (That said I it last on a Surface Pro 2. I’ll get onto that later. Again).

The first picture I painted:

No prizes for guessing why… πŸ™‚ I love both Daleks and Fresh Paint’s signature pink colour.

Once done I walked home… But it was so much fun I decided to pop back later (when we’d measured the space for the fridge). While I walked to the shop I worked out what I wanted to draw, hence this:

(although in retrospect I wish I’d added a green glow to the love hearts πŸ™‚ ).

And then, as I walked home for the last time, I popped into Argos (PC World not having a fridge in stock) and found myself drawing on their demo Surface Pro 2.

All in all a lovely Surface drawing day. Thoughts on the 3? I like the screen aspect ratio (although I liked the widescreen one too), the kick stand works well (although I couldn’t test how it stands up to a longer drawing time as the first pic took 20 mins and the second took 40).

The pen? Well, bearing in mind there Β was a lot of hoo hah about the 512 steps of sensitivity I found it perfectly fine to use, better than most of the BT pressure styli I use on other tablets. It reminded me of the Sony pen which worked on the Vaio sliders which is high praise – that’s still one of my favourites.

All told an excellent tablet and I can’t wait to play with it some more…



Screen Sharing (and so on and on and on :) )

Results day at college today which is always a little emotional for good and bad reasons. All of my students passed, which was good, but they didn’t always pass all courses, which is less so.

So come 3.30 it was time to escape and draw something so off to PC World I went to do 70 minutes of drawing. Which I have been known to do off and on (and on)… (and on). (As well as at the Gadget Show and so on).

I started off with a LG G3, which I’ve wanted to draw on for a while:

Which I liked loads. VERY nice screen and built in art (and notes) app which worked very smoothly. Drawn with a Jot Script stylus (as were all of the pictures below as well).

Once I’d drawn on that my eye went to an Asus hybrid laptop. I’ve wanted to draw on an Asus Vivotab 8 for a few weeks now and this was as close as they got. No idea what to draw and a brief trawl through the sludge of my memory Β came up with a Cyberman so that’s what I drew using the very wonderful Fresh Paint app:

(which I also liked loads and makes me more interested than even to draw on a Vivotab 8).

And then, as I still had a few minutes left of the hour I’d allotted myself, I drew on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 edition. I’d been told that side of the shop had a Samsung Galaxy Pro to hand but that proved not to be the case but, while that side of the shop, I decided to draw on the more recent version of the tablet instead:

All in all a lovely hour (well, 70 minutes) of drawing… Enjoyed doing the Cybermen too, so may come back to them in the future.

Sometimes I take a line for a walk and have no idea where it’ll go…

Witness this. Had half an hour of drawing time and a Microsoft Surface to play with so I threw a few lines on the screen and let them do the rest. The funny thing is I always assume that the lines are completely random but something vaguely related had been on my mind since just before Christmas (a friend has found out she’s Vitamin D deficient and is looking forward to, hopefully, feeling better with the help of added sunshine).

So, somehow this came out on the screen (Microsoft Surface Pro/Fresh Paint app/Wacom Feel and Nomad Mini 2) and all of a sudden I’m vaguely wondering if the random lines are as random as I thought they were.

Not that I mind, just another thought mulling around the recesses of my brain.


The first screen art splurge of 2014.

#HappyNewYear, for a start.

Drawn on Nokia 520, Dagi stylus, Fresh Paint app.

For todays couple of hours of art therapy I started with a doodle card for a friend who’s reached ten years of fine service in a very noble cause… I suspected she’d like Bubbly Choc more than Champers (well, may be wrong on that one, may be an even tie) hence this:

(the ears isn’t an unkind thing about north of neck adornment in case you’re wondering, more a thing about the charity that’s the employer. Drawn on Samsung Galaxy S4 using S-Note and Jot Touch).

And then to finish a little bit of doodle bombing my friendly neighbourhood PC World. I do like popping in there and testing out a new screen (or three) to draw on, preferably something new, and they didn’t disappoint today with an enjoyable beginning doodle on a Lenovo touch screen desktop taking up the first half of my hour+ a bit in the store.

Stylus T. Frog furnished me with a Pogo Sketch Pro, Nomad Compose short hair brush, a Plai eStylo wooden stylus, a New Trent Arcadia retractable cloth/micro-weave stylus and a Jot Touch plastic tip pen. All performed admirably except for the Jot which wouldn’t connect to the screen at all for some reason.

After that had a quick draw on a Surface Pro, mainly using a Wacom Feel pressure sensitive stylus.And finally I finished up on a Samsung Note 3 (which I have a real soft spot for) which gave me the chance to start and end the couple of hours I had to draw on S-Note – a very under appreciated art package.

2 days. Four hours of drawing time probably. Five different screens, three different apps. Marvellous. Hoping the year continues this way πŸ™‚

The Frog and Flamingo at PC World. 25 mins of tablet art show-offery.

Took a small walk earlier today in the lunch break and, for 25 happy minutes drew on a couple of Sony tablets just for the fun of it.

I’m tempted to bill it as one of the tablet art events I’ve been doing as I ended up with a fair crowd of staff and PC World customers behind me, all asking questions and watching me draw so was a shame when I had to dash off back to work… Dare say I’ll be back πŸ™‚

So, farewell then Fresh Paint…

A while ago I was asked to do an art day for the Office 365 launch. No money (sigh) but it sounded like an interesting jaunt and I hoped it would lead on to other things. And it did…. I’m yet to feel rich and retire that said but hey ho, the worlds best businessman I ain’t. A dreamer, yes. Flush with dosh? No.

Anyhow one of the most interesting things that came out of it was a love for the app Fresh Paint. It really is a doozy and I’m not just saying that for any cynical hope or objective. It’s a LOT of fun to use. That’s not to say that other apps I enjoy aren’t fun, but Fresh Paint on a Surface tablet is a lovely slab of joy to behold. It was a new style for me and I’ve enjoyed giving it a shot.

Sadly the last tablet (last month I had 21) goes back tomorrow so that funs over. But it was good stuff while it lasted.




Pre-school Surface Tablet art session…

Saturday (and Wednesday as well) saw me take to the Electric Theatre to do some artwork with young people.

Wednesdays gig was doing mini book creation and manga art drawing techniques, which was as lovely as it ever is. I wouldn’t say that the time flies by – oh boy was I tired by the end of it – but the kids were brilliant and we all had a lot of fun.

Saturday was different though – I was asked to sit down and draw on tablet with any kids that wanted to join in. The main change was the Wednesday kids were 12 – 15 and the Saturday ones were 3 -5 year olds. I wasn’t sure how it would go.

As it was it was lovely. I did do some video but have an email to do list you wouldn’t believe but the kids love drawing, primarily on a Surface tablet running Fresh Paint. They occasionally struggled with the method of bringing on the interface but once away they were flying…

(this is the cushion one of the kids had been sitting on prior to drawing. He was a very young mind yet put a LOT of thinking into each colour and where he wanted it. When he had finished I asked him if he wanted to add anything more and he said ‘no. That’s right’ and walked off, happy).

Video, I hope, to come. But it was a LOT of fun to do (thanks ‘Leccy) and I hope I get to do pre-school tablet art again…