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Harmonying… and the Silents of the Fez.


Still a little lost, artistically, so wound up in Harmony land earlier to do a doodle. There’s probably something emotionally revealing about the Penguin pic. The other pic is obvious, I know, but painted for the fun of it regardless. Possibly the first in a series, the rest are certainly sketched in o my iPad, I guess I’ll see if I get to them or not…

You can see a video file of the Silents of the Fez pic here.

Doodle doodle dood dood.

Couple more pics. Showed another class the massively lovely Harmony page and it was a lot of fun to see a new group pick it up and play. To explain how it worked I pretty much did this pic and just finished it off over lunch. Hurrah 🙂

Wish, wish, WISH it did vectors so it could upscale but hey ho, you can’t have everything and that’s like saying it’s a shame David Beckham can’t play the saxophone. What Harmony does well it does brilliantly 🙂

Man I should be on commission 🙂

That said it’s a free piece of art playfulness so commission wouldn’t buy me the luxury Sushi I crave.

Also: team Pixelmator – if you ever read this please get this into a future iteration of Pixelmator 🙂 Would love to have things like undo, shading, higher detail etc…

(incidentally – finished in Pixelmator as always 🙂 )


Well into a new html 5 website called Harmony. It’s a fabulous piece of web code which allows you to draw on the browser and export your images. Here’s a couple of sample images doodled in a state of happy scribbling.

All Wombat related of course – I’m a little focused on that at the moment – but different stuff to come soon, honest.

(edit: in the interests of complete transparency the images have a smidge of Pixelmator updating: each has a gradient overlay added but apart from that it’s Harmony all the way).