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DrawQuest, it’s been a while….

I’m a big fan of the iOS art app DrawQuest.  For those who don’t know it is a community app that allows you to draw anything you like from a given image.

Todays, for example, was called ‘draw me a mobile’ and, before decoration, looked like this:

As soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to draw an AT-AT from Empire Strikes Back so, an hour later, this had happened:

(and you can see a process video of the drawing come to be here: http://drawquest.com/p/5kqg6j)

It’s been a while since I drew concertedly in the app (there was a time when I was doing all of the drawings daily but things change… I’d missed the app but my mind was elsewhere for one reason or another). Regardless: yesterday the theme was ‘draw a still life’ and THAT was right up my street for a variety of reasons I’ll come to later.

(Still life, DrawQuest, iPad 3, Nomad and New Trent styli).

Sadly the app itself may not last forever (but then again, as the man with the mustache says, what does?) . Moot, the man behind both DrawQuest and 4Chan, wound up the development side of it at the start of the year. I remember the day I read the news and the shock it caused then and the sense of profound sadness which still lingers (even though the app still – at the moment and hopefully for a long while – works). A while later the team at DrawQuest HQ posted a plea for the community to step in and help the servers remain switched on which I hope has been successful? They’re still on at the moment, which is a good sign.

The app has created a wonderful community of people who chat to each other in picture, in sub quests and through a variety of social media sites. I hope we all remain friends and, who knows, one day I hope we all manage to get to a DQ meet up somehow as it’s one thing to draw with people on another side of the world but it’d be nice to draw sitting next to them as well.

And why did the still life bring me back to the app? Well, for the past couple of years I’ve drawn whatever came to mind with little sense of purpose, as I had enough things to deal with at work as it was to think up a project like the Dr Sylver books or the Wombat Wambot comic. Now I’ve got a project in mind, which I’ve already begun the planning processes of, and still life fits right into it (hence going to life drawing classes more regularly etc). We’ll see if it comes out like the images I have in mind – this is a new road I’m going down for me – but I hope it does…

(being a youtube video of a number of pictures animated and edited together but which won’t embed, grr).

Anyway: here’s to DrawQuest, the team that made it and the community which came from it. Cheers one and all…

At the Adobe Summit, London ExCeL, 2013.

So, after the Gadget Show Live I thought I’d take a break and so it worked out… for a couple of weeks. Then I was invited to attend the Adobe Summit and with something that cool on the horizon you can’t really miss it can you?

The Headline Keynote was probably that of Felix Baumgartner who, surely, needs no introduction… But there were fabulous talks from a range of participants and it was all excellent fun and very jolly indeed. I drew on two tablets (iPad and Samsung Galaxy) using a range of styli (partially to show them off to people who asked questions as I was drawing. I focused on my three favourites: Nomad Flex, Stylus Sock and Pogo Sketch Pro but used others off and on through the day).

I used Adobe Touch apps, naturally, with Eazel being used a little (as I like to play a little more methodically on that one and the demands of the day didn’t naturally gravitate to slow image creation) and Adobe Ideas and Photoshop Touch being used a lot. No idea why but I tend to prefer to use Ideas on the iPad (well, I can tell you why on that one – it’s been discontinued on Android) and I far prefer Photoshop on the Samsung devices that I’ve used. It’s an odd quirk of mine (and I do use Photoshop on iOS as well, I guess because I used it on Android first it always feels more at home there…)

(and not that I own a Note enabled SPen device at the moment but Photoshop and SPen are an excellent combination…)

Anyhow these are the pictures that I drew or photographed on the day (with a little bit of recolouring done on the first pic this morning…) Click on any of the photos to get the larger version held on my Flickr site…

(Samsung, Photoshop Touch, Nomad and Pogo. I drew 90% of it on the train and tube travelling to ExCeL).

(iPad and Photoshop Touch, focusing on the giant metal Octopus tentacle above everyone’s heads).

(The giant metal Octopus tentacle above everyone’s heads. The stoic participants barely flinched or panicked, proving that Doctor Who has taught us nothing…)

And there’s a good three or four pics I tweeted out but haven’t finished yet… The point of me drawing the sessions was to tweet the images out as near to when the participants where on the stage, which seemed to work very well and everyone seemed happy with the results, which was also nice. More cool stuff to come, hope you like these pics 🙂