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Drawing with a Jot Script.

Latest on the (long) list of styli I’ve been keen to have a draw with is the jot Script. It’s unusual in terms of a screen stylus as it has a thin point (rather than the – until now – accepted norm of a 6 mm wide stylus tip). Its bluetooth but, sadly, not pressure sensitive.

The second unexpected result was that it works more than happily with the Android device I tested it on (a Samsung Galaxy S4)*.

The third unexpected thing is how effortlessly it pairs to the screen and works in all apps, seeming to pair to the device rather than on a case by case app basis. It just, to borrow a phrase, works. I’m trying to work out what I think about it but the initial feelings are all very positive. Nice one Adonit.

The pics below were all drawn last night except for the Selfie which was drawn on the bus into work this morning… Stuck in traffic…. In the rain.

Stylus: iPad + Procreate.

Selfie: Samsung Galaxy S4 + Sketchbook Pro.

Stylus: iPad + Didlr. Process animation >> here <<

Hellophant: iPad + Sketchbook Pro. Drawn on the bus from my house into town so clocked in around the 12 minute mark. I forgot, as normal, to set animation going, which made me Grr. I like Sketchbook Pro a lot but the fact that some parts make me grr as often as they do stop me from loving it as the art app of choice.

… and while we’re on a hard tipped stylus vibe I had a fab drawing time with friends last night during which I got to play with a Wacom Cintiq that, when not connected to a desktop machine, runs Android software (and Sketchbook Pro). One of my friends (a very lovely person) drew a happy Tomato sauce bottle on my iPad (and she seemed to completely fall fr the Jot Script while doing so) and I drew a less cheerful one, as is my wont. I also drew the Adventures of Pizza Guy below (and hope to be able to post the original pics sometime soon).

What did I think of the Cintiq? Well to be honest Android as an OS is very good but the app store is not and the range of art apps available is woeful compared to iOS. I’d have far rather played with a Cintiq running Windows 8 and Fresh Paint (although I like Sketchbook Pro very much as an app).

Overall I liked Wacoms take on a tablet. The screen is Matte so, presumably, would be more comfortable to draw on for concerted periods of time (and is less glare-tastic as well), and I would like to have been able to draw on it for a little longer. But all in all the Jot Script was the more fun discovery during yesterdays screen time (and certainly the more affordable one).

*Brief update: I just tested the Script on a Tesco Hudl (one of my favourite 7 inch tablets) and it worked as well as it did on all of the other screens I threw it at (metaphorically speaking).

Tesco Hudl + Adobe Photoshop Touch.

Lovely, busy, creative, walky, talky day.

Back to work was as much fun as I thought it might be… So it was very lovely to have a meet up with some friends to eat, chat and go over which might be the best stylus for someone to use on a freshly bought iPad mini retina.

Interestingly half of the styli didn’t work at all with the screen seeming to have less sensitivity to some of the tips on offer (and to other competing tablets and the minis own bigger brother). That’s definitely going to be worth checking into later…

Anyhoo: the morning started with finishing off a Skribl image I’d been playing with off and on since downloading the app:

Then I started off a picture in DrawQuest which I’ve missed drawing in, (finishing it off when we returned home):

(and which you can see a process animation of the image come to be here).

Between starting and finishing it Wifey and I went to see a couple of friends for lunch and a walk. Lunch was lovely (no photos of that one) followed by a walk to a local church with a fabulous roof:

Organ pipes, Nokia Lumia 520.

Stained glass on stone. Lumia 520.

Church roof. Lumia 520 + fisheye lens (not the best output all things considered on that one).

Church roof, Samsung Galaxy S4 plus fish eye lens and a smidge of Snapseed…

And since I’d played briefly with my fish eye lens on the phone camera I took a quick shot to show how the macro lens coped on the Lumia (seems to have coped well 🙂 ).

All in all; lovely day.

Collab Hudl pic.

So yesterday I took the students to London to do another fab Teentech show (more on that later) and, when back I sat down with one the staff members to talk through the day (and the year).

While doing so we both decided it’d be nice to sit and chill out and draw so I drew on his iPad Air and he drew on my Hudl. I drew the outlines, he did the colours and I shaded it in at the end.

(Hudl tablet, Autodesk Sketchbook app, Dagi, Nomad and New Trent styli in case you’re interested…)

Not bad for an hours winding down from an ultra busy day…

The astronaut is named after the lead singer of my favourite band – Five Iron Frenzy – ‘cos today is the release date of their new CD which means it’s going to be played LOUD all day.

It’s a bit of a remix of this image:

… which I did a while ago when I first bought my iPad 3 using ArtRage app. Took more than an hour though 🙂

Frogs and Owls.

Last years pictures were mainly of Frogs and Flamingos… Which was good, they worked brilliantly together and the Gadget Show especially would have been nothing without the two characters working as well as they did*. But things change and it’s time to move on a little so the Frog has been looking for a new sidekick. Not 100% sure but may well be Owls.

…and you can see an animation of the image coming together here:


Which will, in a way, be very ironic as one of my first jobs out of college was working at Pepper’s Ghost Productions, makers of (in the end, after a HUGE amount of trial and error) (lots of error in fact) Raucous Caucus – a hilarious US Clinton vs Dole screensaver – and Bing and Bong; Tiny Planets.

But… before it was Pepper’s Ghost it was called CyberClass and the logo was an Owl. Well. Eventually it was an Owl. The original logo was an eye with the highlight in the iris being a combined CC. Then we transitioned to an owl and then to a complete company rebrand starring a Victorian stage magician.

Those, indeed, were the days.

Actually it was fab… I worked with some marvelous people who, me being me, I’ve lost contact with and miss loads. It was a good time and my first job as a concept artist (although a lot of the artwork I created at Bullfrog could have been looked at as being concept art but was free time stuff that they subsumed into whatever project was on at the time. Not that I was worried about that at all – concept art was a joy to produce and they liked it loads so why would I stop?)

I’ll see if I can dig out some Pepper’s Ghost and CyberClass stuff some time. Not now – have got a Big Draw to organise for tomorrow and then a Book Draw to organise for Weds. Hey ho. Busy. Will be doing tablet artwork and will be doing shrink plastic artwork so will be fun. But oh boy the headaches of the past week are hard to shift.

… and some of the clever wife’s clever stuff am here, including an owl that looks better than mine (although I was happy with how the pic at the top of the page turned out 🙂 )


*’twas a good year…

App mashing, with added Marmite…

Someone asked me the other day if I ever get bored of drawing and painting on an iPad… How can I when so many apps are so good, and new ones are released every day? Above is Sketches, which I like, and is very cool in a good number of ways… But it only takes one quirk to irritate me and this apps is that you can zoom into an image – but not OUT of an image (also – OH BOY) it has an odd interface. Hmm. Undecided but it’s odd.

Anyhow – above is my go-to ‘What do I draw today’ Marmite Jar (I is a Jartist for a start)… But it’s also a crowd pleasing (or rabble rousing 🙂 depends whether you love or hate it I suppose) image that’s something I adore drawing.

Below is the above image taken and reworked in ArtRage – which is also an app I love on iPad and on desktop (and on touch screen enabled Windows device).

So. Do I get bored? Rarely, if ever. Tablet and touch screen art is all sorts of fun and I’m sure it will remain so for many years to come… (unless I end up drawing on watch screens or something 🙂 )

DrawQuest and Didlr…

So today has been… Oh I don’t think I’ll go into that really. Rubbish throughout though. Could have enjoyed it more…

Ended the day by drawing on a couple of devices on a couple of apps:



Like both apps for different reasons. Will write a smidge more about both later I think. Some comparisons deserve to be drawn between the apps.

BOOM! See what I did there?


Thanks Bob and Richard.

I met Bob Godfrey once, in… 1991 (?) at the Cardiff animation festival. He was kind and charming and driven and passionate and I was a terrified animation student asking for his autograph. He’d recently been doing a press call thing where he COMPLETELY slated the Lion King which, I seem to remember, had the people running the festival holding their breath because Disney were a big sponsor but if they had asked him to tone it down I can’t imagine he would have listened. So, some time later I walked up to him, holding a copy of the festival brochure, and asked him to scribble on it. He asked me what I wanted to do in the future and I said ‘be an animator’. I can’t remember his reply, something along the lines of Good Luck. It’s very likely he would have instinctively known, as he would have met thousands of people saying the same thing, that I would not have been a very good animator.

The animation industry was in the throws of chaos at the time. There were problems at the Spielberg studio, at the Bluth studio, a factory making Freddie as F R O 7 had just shut down and so on. Channel 4 were doing excellent business supporting UK animation yet even that seemed to have its issues with some of the films made being very ‘arty’ and receiving a very cautious, at best, response. For a young terrified student to say he wanted to go into an industry with so much change happening, and very little of it good, must have been something I can imagine Bob wanting to say more about. But he didn’t. He said something positive and affirming while, I assume, biting his lip on what he could have followed up with. Me, it was what I had always wanted since seeing the Secret of NIMH and he wasn’t the sort of person who seemed to want to puncture the dream of someone he didn’t know.

And then I left college, couldn’t find any jobs that didn’t have a q of 50 people with far more experience than I had, swapped to computer games, then to youth work and then to teaching. I’ve not been unlucky (although I’ve occasionally thought I was at the time 🙂 ), but I do wonder what Bob would have said to me had their not been thousands of people also wanting his autograph.

He passed away last week, followed soon after by the voice of Rhubarb and Custard; Richard Briers. Very much the sound and certainly the colour of my childhood animation dreams and happiness. Both very much missed by very many people. I must admit I had a tear in my eye when I completed the picture as a warm up sketch this morning…