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Crazy dayzy…

Sigh, life is full. Sometimes fun though, can’t complain.

Anyhow did this for a client who I like loads:

and this for the fun of it. It was fun that had a downside. I drew the pic in my garden at the end of a hectic and busy day and found, the next morning, that one side of my face had swollen up around a bug bite I barely remember receiving. Beginning to go down now but it does still feel like someone’s stamping on my face.

Meet Mr Wabbit, Brushes style…

Ok so: playing with the iPad as I am my intention was to draw a Wabbit being wabducted by an Alien. As mentioned earlier it’s the image that I tend to do with young people as a ‘you can learn to draw’ style pic because the nuts and bolts of it are so easy to pick up and I always like to see who does what to the two principle characters.

Life going according to plan, as it rarely does, I’ve only done the Brushes version before heading straight back to do the  Galactus and Hulk images also attached below. I have done the beginnings of a Wabbit image in Layers and in Sketchbook Pro, haven’t really managed to get into Art Studio but each have their glitches and oddities that leave me quitting the programs in frustration. I will finish all of these pictures at some point but for the moment lets start with Brushes and what I’ve found while drawing on it:

First off the larger screen on the iPad is a joy to draw on. I’ve not used a stylus yet but it immediately feels more free and open than the iPod Touch’ smaller screen. This is a good and bad thing for me as the tightness of the smaller screen informed what I was doing a fair extent but the ability to just sit and draw on something more akin to a medium sized sketchpad is intensely liberating.

Secondly oh boy do layer modes help you in drawing and colour correcting. Shadows set to overlay or multiply look richer and more vibrant than simple layers placed over each other. Similarly some of the new brush presets on offer are fabulous. One in particular – a noise brush – I’m finding very useful to add texture to pictures and others look like they’ll be very useful in the cross hatching and detailing moments of making a picture. Also it’s lovely to have a couple more layers to play with but I suspect I’d say that no matter how many layers were offered.

Downsides? A couple: The playback animation feature stops at a minute or so and has no controls to stop, rewind, hive off a picture from any given frame on playback etc. Merging layers breaks the layer style options (which makes sense, it does that in Photoshop too and it would be hard to make a layer that could both overlay and multiply but it’s a shame when you hit the layer limit and cannot merge different areas) and I keep clicking on the wrong icons for brush, eraser and options which I wonder whether I’ll become used to or whether they could be a little more intuitive. The shortcuts for the software have always been a cause for concern as well with it being as easy to go back to the Gallery as it is to change from paintbrush to eraser. Lastly it’s a huge shame, one that I hope can be remedied soon,  that the gallery cannot be more sensibly organised into folders. That would help me  a lot, although I suspect that I’m unusual in having 500 or so pics in my iPod Touch version of the app.

Also lastly ( 🙂 ) there seems to be no wi-fi connectability this time – you just have to email a file to yourself.

That’s a lot of negatives and that’s unfair. Brushes is a BLAST and, at version 1 of the iPad version it’s a corker and by far my favourite art app of them all. Yes it’s missing some of the lovely features from the competition: I’d like it to output PSD files, Sketchbook’s mirror facing drawing tool is lovely, Art Studio’s dry brush affecting of prior strokes is fantastic and so on… But Brushes has the better UI, a smooth movement of digital paint on digital canvas and the more sensibly arranged workflow.

More pics to come, especially when time allows.

The baby carrier…

So… In answer to the first things that spring to mind: yes they were and yes they are.

Without doubt this is the coolest iPad case on the planet, full stop.

The backstory: wifey makes things, amazing things, sometimes out of metal, sometimes out of fimo/sculpey and sometimes out of socks. I’ve not posted many as I’m intending to make a collection of the images for her in blurb book format, but she is amazingly talented and I’m lucky to live in an wonderfully creative (albeit messy) house 🙂

The other day she nicked the iPad out of the box to make me a case. That would have been a wonderful surprise apart for the fact that I then picked up the box to move it and had a near heart attack at how light it felt. Once I sussed out what had happened I felt a little calmer and when I managed to get back from work I was delighted to see a new case to care for my new baby. It’s made, in case you were wondering, from a protective layer of bubble wrap, a nice soft cuddle of fluffy cloth and a decorative layer of old cartoon socks. The ones which have served me well and can be darned no more. I like the fact they live on and, to reiterate, yes they were washed and yes, they were clean.

So: while I was excited to get an iPad in the post I’m now doubly delighted to encase it in the grooviest of coverings. The pic of the Hulk is the fourth thing I’ve drawn in Brushes; the others very sketchy and doodley things created to get my eye in and used to the feel of the screen which feels strangely resistant for some reason (quite possibly the oleophobic coating that is said to resist fingerprints, scratches and so on). It’s a completely different way or drawing which I’m both loving and growing slowly into… On the iPod touch I could be fairly tight with the lines/detail whereas on the iPad it all feels free-er, move expressive and expansive. I hope that in a years time I’ll have found the way of using it as much as I feel I have with the iPod touch… We’ll see. More on here as regularly as I can do to show how things are progressing but, for the moment, it’s time for the socks and wifey’s skills to take centre stage 🙂

The coolest iPad case on the planet.
©Wifey :)
iPad case made of socks 2
© Wifey :)
Socky iPad case 3.
© Wifey :)

This is the plan, Stan…

So, iPad in hand I’ve got a plan.

Until now, for the past year, Brushes has been my weapon of choice in the drawing on glass category. I’ve tried others: Inspire, Layers, Sketchbook and Art Studio all come close, many have excellent additional features, but none comes close to the loveliness of Brushes.

This is for a couple of reasons: the UI is cleaner, imo, easier to access, more sensibly laid out. Also, and most importantly, it keeps up with quick drawing better than the competition. The first thing I do with a new art tool is draw four or five quick strokes at half opacity. If the tool can keep up with what I’m drawing then so much the better. I draw very quickly, haphazardly even, and draw, make mistake, fix and repeat until I’ve beaten the picture onto the page. If the tool can’t keep up with that I’m not going to slow down for it to catch up.

Then, if I’m happy with a tool, I draw this picture:

It’s one I always do with kids to learn to draw so I tend to draw it three or four times a year… Each time differently, sometimes it’s a rabbit, sometimes a happy alien, sometimes a scary one.

So the plan, Stan, is to draw this type of picture in each of the tools I’ve downloaded onto the iPad. I’ve often wondered if I’ve given them all a fair crack or whether it’s ‘favourite Bond is the first Bond you’ve seen’ syndrome. So I’m going to try them all out and document the process. So I’ll be quiet on here for  a week or so, I think, until they’re all done and dusted.

Taht’s the plan anyhow, I’ll probably be back on tomorrow all gushy. We’ll see.