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Also – an illustrated sermon using football as a basis*…

*or something…

Not really – have to be in another room in a few mins anyhow. But ’twas watching Ivory Coast v Brazil yesterday as a total neutral. I didn’t care who won as long as there were skills on show.

What I got, in the first half certainly, was overpaid petulance, two teams scared to move forwards and the most ridiculous of strung together hospital passes. And one of the most ludicrous dives by lil Didz Drogs which was both entertaining in its athleticism as it was mischievous in its gamesmanship. So I doodled this as I watched:

Of course that was followed by Kaka and Keita and their little theatrical double header, a horrendous leg snapper (which seems to have been forgotten by the media… Was the third goal scorer seriously injured or not? Apart from the replays there’s been no info that I’ve seen) and so on… What interested me was that both Kaka and Drogba raised their fingers to heaven or crossed themselves in thanks for particular parts of their game – the parts that worked right – yet didn’t stop themselves from mischief or unsportsmanlike actions throughout the rest of the game. I generally follow football through the radio – Alan Green being a particular favourite although sometimes short memoried sommentator – but even I know that Drogba is a thesaural equivalent of cheating/diving/playacting toadwart. Kaka I’ve generally not followed but was vaguely aware that he has his moments… So the match seemed to be a 90 minute variation of Police, Camera Action where you see cars cut up and put in danger by drivers with fish signs on the back.

So, no sermon then 🙂 just amused me with the parallel. And now is close enough to 11 that I have to dash so dash I will.

Speed doodle.

So, what feels like a million years ago, I was very into comic book artwork. Possibly unhealthily so 🙂 I can remember the first picture that grabbed me (Ian Gibson’s mighty double page Dredd spread for his second part of the City of the Damned storyline) and from that point on one of my eyes was always pointed to a comic or where I might buy one…. And I found a HUGE amount of awesome artists to follow and grow up with from the pages of 2000ad and then the vast realm of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and indie comics. It remains a slight passion of mine but, and I hate to say this, with the advance of Image and the over the top, barely dressed and ludicrous excesses that followed I gave up on comics for a long while.

Funnily enough I chatted to the marvellous Nick Page recently and he pretty much said that spoke of his experience. He suggested I read Bone and a strange French comic he couldn’t remember the name of, I suggested Invincible and Cerebus by return.

Cerebus brought me back to comics, but that’s a little unfair to Cerebus. Sim and Gerhard’s sequential story is to comics what the space shuttle is to elevators. It is a comic, yes, but it’s also amongst the finest works of literature I can think of having read and enjoyed and deserves a far higher place in people’s estimations that the word comic will limit it to.

Invincible is different. It’s a teen soap opera with superheroes. It’s beatifully paced, wonderfully drawn, dramatic and ugly at turns, comic and joyous at others. It’s brought me back to comics in a big way. Wonderful stuff. Sometimes very ugly, brutal and powerful stuff but, if I were to read a comic book fight scene I’d want to feel the punches, not see it as a nothing, trite, consequence free series of coloured in boxes.

(Different subject but the Comics X app on the iPad is a thing of joy. That said one comic I picked up today did leave me in a very low mood because of its content. Not over violent but very affecting).

So, anyhow, when I had ten minutes to doodle today following being out with le fam Invin sprung to mind and this came out of the Pad.

Long winded way of saying: did a doodle.