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Ninja Hippo/Hippo Ninja.

Love TWIT (the netcast from people I’m told to trust 🙂 ) and was happily doodling on my iPod touch while listening to this weeks podcast (which was ace by the way, you would listen in, you really should. Occasionally it’s even informative 🙂 I always put it down as CPD time anyhow, keep the teacher tax officers, sorry, iFl happy).

Anyway that’s by way or explanation of my latest flight of fancy: Ninja Hippo. Owen J J Stone’s idea mashed up with some happy pixels thrown around by me. Hope you like.

Video file of the drawing of here: Youtube!

Click for larger image.



Two new Brushes app pics.

Click picture for youtube video.
Click picture for youtube video.

Two images drawn on my iPod touch and exported as animated images. 18th wedding anniversary is tomorrow morning, so far so good, assume it’ll still happen 🙂 We’ve even got a babysitter so we can go out for a meal or something.

The Kercalton Klang image came from a different place, a chat with the Creative Fox and a few lines thrown onto the iPod touch to explain something or other (can’t remember now). Then went to meet the Klang who makes me smile and that pic came from those two events. May morph into something else, maybe… We’ll see…


Oh boy…

Sometimes things tie up beautifully, although I can’t say why 🙂 Chased down a student issue only to find it was bigger and deeper and then found out that there’s a link that may shine a light in a positive way.

Long story.

Anyway, on diff subject – Comic Twart again. A group of amazing, published comic book artists (mainly DC and Marvel) all doing a weekly sketch together. It’s fun to watch and, although I’m in nowhere near the same league I have fun doodling along to the same subjects. This weeks was Dr Who:


I did find a few moments to draw in over the weekend. In fact I came out with four pics which I’ll upload soonish. That said I’m late to a mates to do our occasional computer gameathon so one will have to do for the mo’. It’s of a new friend, the church’s new vicar, who’s a lot of fun and didn’t mind the doodle. Which is good 🙂

Plus the motion file:


Righto, off to lose, repeatedly.