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Ninja Hippo/Hippo Ninja.

Love TWIT (the netcast from people I’m told to trust πŸ™‚ ) and was happily doodling on my iPod touch while listening to this weeks podcast (which was ace by the way, you would listen in, you really should. Occasionally it’s even informative πŸ™‚ I always put it down as CPD time anyhow, keep the teacher tax officers, sorry, iFl happy).

Anyway that’s by way or explanation of my latest flight of fancy: Ninja Hippo. Owen J J Stone’s idea mashed up with some happy pixels thrown around by me. Hope you like.

Video file of the drawing of here: Youtube!

Click for larger image.




So, so sooooo much to do on a multitude of angles yet my mind strays little from playing with the Brushes app on the iPad. Sigh. When it comes to deferring gratification I’m not the best of the best.

Witness these for example. I’d also like half a dozen other doodles, finished and some less so, taken into consideration.

(although this one was, admittedly, done on the trusty iPod touch πŸ™‚ )

(and this one fought finishing for flipping yonks…)

Doodled this while having tea with a friend…

OK admittedly that sounds very rude. Β It was mainly while she went to the loo and, fortunately for me, there was a q πŸ™‚ So I had a good five minutes to sketch and block colour in. Then the rest I just did while calming down from the penultimate PGCE lesson…

I have done a little bit of doodling to it since so it may change by a few more percent… But I’m happy with it as is and then, when uploaded, I can blow this joint and go home…

And then one from Layers…

So I bought layers the other day and, in the process updated to V3 of the system software for the iPod touch. TBH that’s a mixed blessing: spotlight found a few podcasts that didn’t show up in the player viewer so I gained 500 megs or so but for some bizarre reason I have to automatically connect to the wi-fi each time I turn it on. Very .. well, frustrating would be too strong a word but hey. A big niggle (a biggle?)

Anyhow have been playing with Layers and it’s fun. I’m not sure I like it as much as Brushes, but I was very used to the way it worked. Layers seems that split second slower, for a start, but I REALLY don’t like the shake to access interface and the colour picker doesn’t seem to want to work.

Apart from that though it’s technically amazing what the developer fitted onto the iPod. Very cool indeed although as I was often struggling against the limitation of 100 layers in Photoshop 5 layers is welcome but not nearly as many as I would use given the chance.

But anyhow: loving it although having had a trawl around the dev website I wonder if I should have bought netsketch instead. I’ll prob end up buying it as well… Here’s the first Layers image though, uploaded while son boy watches Big Cook Little Cook.


Couple more brush plays…



Wifey had to go off to do something tonight so once the kids were to bed (if not at all asleep) I’ve been playing a little more. Loads of fun, although it does make me wonder how many more tools they could fit into the Brushes app, or if Pixelmator – my other art tool of choice at mo – could make a Brushes a mator mash up to capture the best of both worlds.

That said, Brushes is a LOT of fun and to see the image grow and build is quite fascinating (for me a least πŸ™‚ )