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Drawing on a Dell XPS hybrid.

Second in a series of… two sadly.

Work was loaned two new Dells to demo (as well as an utterly excellent LED pico projector) and they allowed me to borrow each for an evening to test out art apps. Because, you know, SCREENS!

Two days ago it was the Venture Pro – a full on Win 8 tablet. Last night it was the turn of the hybrid – an XPS flip screen laptop/tablet.

So with an evening to draw with, and a new screen to draw on, I drew these pics. Click on each (as always) for a larger version if you so want:

The first pic may, or may not, have been created offsite (ahem). It was painted using, as much as possible, only the watercolour brushes in Fresh Paint, as I’d not used them as much as I could have done when using the app.

The second picture was painted using mainly the oils and using a few styli that I tend not to (although I am very fond of the New Trent).

The third pic was created in MS Paint app and the fourth back in Fresh Paint which is one of my favourite art apps out there. I am equally fond of a number of apps but if I see the Fresh Paint icon on a machine I’m immediately smiling.

Exported pics (ie with no laptop in the background 🙂 ):

Chair. Frog. Bottle. Styli.