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Couple more Les Mis pics.

Funnily enough, though I wasn’t anywhere near as involved as I’d like to have been, I’m missing it muchos now, as I know are a lot of the cast. Strange.

Anyhow a couple more pix from the folderful:


The second one I like for a couple of reasons, the second being it’s set in a fascinating atrium… Compared to the stark simplicity of the outside of the building the atrium is a mess of detail and lines which I’m not 100% convinced I was bowled over by… But it was a fascinating place nonetheless and I’d liked to have spent more time in the building if I could have had the chance. Ah well, maybe in times to come.

Flight of fancy, lots of colour and other added gibberish..

OK so the school mob that I know from various avenues (friends, youth-groupers, teacher colleagues, god daughter and the like, not to mention daughter herself 🙂 ) have been doing their yearly drama show. This year it was Les Mis and, well, it’s a hard task for a start, not to mention the building move which happened in the middle of practise sessions, the swapping over of orchestras part way through and other problems that presented themselves.

Saw it on Weds, was blown away. Wifey saw in on thurs and she was similarly keen so, after a small bit of discussion, I nabbed a couple of media students (thanks James, Jack, Laurence nad Max) and we filmed the final show.


Could have been a disaster, certainly from our side. Two untested students, brand new cameras which had not been trialled or demoed, no prep at all, no sweet spot for one of the three cams,standing up for four hours top to tail, all that jazz, yet, from the footage I’ve mooched over so far, it seems to have come out OK. We’ll see. Edit starts monday and I can’t wait. As mentioned before the kids did fab and I only made a moderate idiot of myself which is always a bonus in any situation 🙂 (called one of the students the wrong name, loudly, and interviewed another who I thought was leaving and turned out she wasn’t. DOH.)

Was good to see the show for a second time and, this time, did have a teary moment when my god daughter dies for the second time in a week. Spoke to her parents afterwards and they’d been blubbing all through the show (well, 5 times between them anyhow)  which I think is the more correct response. Me, I was in work mode directing and checking on batteries and the like, so had to remain professionally impassive 😀

But yeah, stupidly tired now but have to wake up to take daughter to town for celebratory lunch…

Lastly have mentioned before that I’m a frequent visitor to this site, a photographic document of a piece of world news from the week: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/ and this weeks update is spectacular  http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/03/holi_the_festival_of_colors.html 
It’s nice to see a positive update where everyone is smiling.

The Miz.


So: aforementioned school (see the Lord Ron post) has been doing it’s production and it’s a complete corker. Very groovy from top to tail and this poster fell out last night as a result.

It’s weird though, seeing youth groupers and all sorts of children I know in a variety of parts. My god daughter dies part way through act 1 and two more commit acts of treason or treachery. May have to have a word with them post show youth group about the fact that I frown upon torture and warfare by and large. As soon as I got home I wanted to load up the pictures I’d taken to see how they came out on the bigger screen and had a facebook chat with one of the lead harlots who asked me what I thought of the show. It’s occasionally a strange life. 

Anyhow: hats off to the school production team one and all. They were all sorts of awesome. Champions League/Shmampions league. Les Mis by a cast of hundred +  where it’s at.