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Painting at the Gadget Show Live.

A year ago (and a week, last years setup started on April the 1st) I was doing this:

This year? Well. There was a lot of talk about doing a stand again, and the students and I were certainly keen… But with some tech problems hampering student output, with an EQR just before and another to go back to, not to mention the dreaded O word coming up soon (and in ed that only means one thing) it just couldn’t be worked into the calendar. Very sad but the stress levels are high enough at the moment, ta.

So instead a friend and I went up to do the show together (to just, you know, walk a show floor without being in charge of 40 students and 20 screens for people to draw on πŸ™‚ ) and excellent fun it was (and is, being on until Saturday I believe).

Too much to blather on about now but I shot a lot of video, which I’ll edit when time allows (but soon I hope) and I’ve got a pile of marking I’ve got to get to at some point. But here are some of the bits I enjoyed most. You know they’re going to be about screen art before you scroll down though, right?

I bought an Olloclip! Well. I bought my third Olloclip (having had a 4S version, a 5S version and now a multi macro version πŸ™‚ ) Expect more macros. Here are a couple of 21 x shots of a 3d printed selfie πŸ™‚

((ironically the above pic is my favourite of the 3d Selfies… Less in focus* but something about it makes me smile.. *the less in focus is more to do with the fact that I took the pic on the train from Watford to London Euston πŸ™‚ ))

So, yes, that also meant I was 3d scanned and printed πŸ™‚

I drew on little screens (a Nokia 1320 and another one but can’t remember what number it was…)

Less little screens (Lenovo 7 inch Windows tablet):

and bigger machines (Dell Venue 11 tablet):

Slightly bigger desktop screens (HP desktop):

…and bigger than that screens:

… and bigger than that screens πŸ™‚

In short? Lots of fun πŸ™‚ Drew quite a few Stylus T. Frogs and Marmite jars, chatted to loads of people, including a few friends from other trade shows and last years Gadg-a-stravaganza and did a lot of demo-ing a range of styli on a range of screens ‘cos I’m more than happy to multi task and chat when someone asks me a question…

Now my feet hurt so I’m sitting and blogging and drinking a cup of coffee πŸ™‚ and, in my mind, I’m sort of planning next years stand, really hoping we do one.

And finishing up with the obligatory Olloclip picture of my lunch:

Macro Sushi seaweed. Yum πŸ™‚

BETT 2014.

(Drawn on Tesco Hudl on the way to BETT day 2, Sketchbook app).

A longer blog post to come I think, with a few more details. But in brief, I and some of my graphics and IT students were invited to be a part of the Steljes stand at BETT (www.bettshow.com). Working on SMARTboards we were asked to draw for two 45 minutes sessions and explain some apps which might be useful for teachers or the artistic process for teachers who may not teach art (or some who might) and who could use pointers on where to start.
(a student drawing on a SMARTboard using ArtRage app).

Working primarily in ArtRage – an excellent program and app which is both very powerful and also very sympathetic to new digital artists – we also created images in Sketchbook (less kind to beginners but the symmetry mode is an excellent first picture icebreaker). We also showed off SumoPaint, Didlr and Webchemy – the latter package delivering excellent results which I look forward to posting soon. I also drew a few pictures in SMARTs own Note application which was very useable and often caught people’s attention because they recognised the interfaceΒ  but not the outcome.
(drawing dinosaurs on Note program, SMARTboard).

For my part? Well, I’m in the post show/absolutely shattered phase at the moment (which, coincidentally has me wondering when the next show is because they’re a huge amount of fun to do). “For only drawing for 90 minutes a day?” you might say aloud in astonishment. “You great big wuss” you may additionally think, being, of course, far too polite to say such an accusatory awfulness aloud.

Well, no. Because literally every second I was there I spent either walking to new stands or drawing on devices I’d rarely seen before. BETT is a fabulous show and from day one I found myself surrounded by a plethora of devices I couldn’t wait to connect my stylus to, ranging from unreleased (as yet) larger screen tablets to table top projectors to huge interactive screen displays to… well… all sorts. The pedometer tells me I walked a minimum of 8 miles a day so I think I’ll return it as it’s obviously faulty. I did WAY more than that πŸ™‚

(drawing a Marmite jar on an Epson tablet top interactive projector).

Four days were, very much, nowhere near enough. I made it a rule, one I almost stuck to, to not draw on any device twice, regardless of how much I liked it. Even with that constraint in place I found myself finishing the final day regretting a number of missed opportunities of screens unscribbled.

The highlight? Well, I like screens, and I found few I didn’t enjoy drawing on. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, Sony and Intel stands. Again I surprised myself by enjoying the HP stand (sorry, but up until a yer or so ago I’d found HP screens to be muddy and laggy and unresponsive to the styli I rested against them). To find that the tablets on offer were significantly better than I remember was heartening and, most importantly, they had a HUGE six screen wall of monitors which they were kind enough to allow me to hijack for half an hour. THAT was the highlight of the four days for me, with the only regret that half an hour drawing on such a huge and impressing canvas was not nearly enough. A video to come on that, soon.

(drawing a Marmite jar on the HP six monitor set up using Microsoft Paint).

Another highlight was getting to take two sets of students to Chin Chin Labs πŸ™‚ Which is ALWAYS a wonderful way to end an event day.

I’m told this looks like Santa Clause. Which I can sort of see, so is doubly brilliant.

All in all a hugely tiring and utterly excellent week.

Lovely, busy, creative, walky, talky day.

Back to work was as much fun as I thought it might be… So it was very lovely to have a meet up with some friends to eat, chat and go over which might be the best stylus for someone to use on a freshly bought iPad mini retina.

Interestingly half of the styli didn’t work at all with the screen seeming to have less sensitivity to some of the tips on offer (and to other competing tablets and the minis own bigger brother). That’s definitely going to be worth checking into later…

Anyhoo: the morning started with finishing off a Skribl image I’d been playing with off and on since downloading the app:

Then I started off a picture in DrawQuest which I’ve missed drawing in, (finishing it off when we returned home):

(and which you can see a process animation of the image come to be here).

Between starting and finishing it Wifey and I went to see a couple of friends for lunch and a walk. Lunch was lovely (no photos of that one) followed by a walk to a local church with a fabulous roof:

Organ pipes, Nokia Lumia 520.

Stained glass on stone. Lumia 520.

Church roof. Lumia 520 + fisheye lens (not the best output all things considered on that one).

Church roof, Samsung Galaxy S4 plus fish eye lens and a smidge of Snapseed…

And since I’d played briefly with my fish eye lens on the phone camera I took a quick shot to show how the macro lens coped on the Lumia (seems to have coped well πŸ™‚ ).

All in all; lovely day.

Basically? It’s all go…

Exciting times at Studio Me*.

*Not a real studio name, nor an indication of what I’ll be doing next year. I think. Although there is something in mind πŸ™‚

The Marmite One Million:

Painted on iPad using a Nomad Compose brush for a community challenge to design a banner for the upcoming Marmite 1 Million likes Facebook extravaganza. TBH I rarely succeed in these but hey, it was fun to do…Β  ArtRage app, which is lovely.

Process video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vWeT-l0_4A

The Didlr/Nokia Dream Accessory site:
My Didl.

The pic being painted over a two hour, two halves (Hog’s Back Utopia which is LOVELY) and two coffees session. I used to time artwork by how many trips I took on the bus to and from work (which is something I miss, the bus journey and the workplace). Now I time images by coffees in Wetherspoon’s if time allows.

Dave McKean artwork drawn by fab kids at a schools workshop:

The longer explanation of the pictures, where they’re from and who did them, can be found >>here<<.

And just to finish off, an iPhone macro picture of a drying rose, taken with the AstroMedia clip and edited with Snapseed app:

Busy. And I haven’t even mentioned Magic Summer yet. But I will… Soon…

Moments of Marmarati-ing…

For a long, long time I’ve been a Marmite fan (for prior blog on the subject see here). There’s something about the stark beauty of the jar that captures the imagination and draws you in. Helps that I like the contents too although I suspect that if I hated Marmite I would still love the design of the jar.

Over the past month there’s been a series of challenges related to Marmite on the Marmarati blog and led to a slightly obsessive series of drawings, paintings and photographs on the theme (and not just for me but for my wife also). If you want to see all of my pictures you can catch the whole list here but these are some of my favourite…

(Marmetheus – painted over a weeks holiday in the evenings once the kids had gone to bed – ArtRage on iPad 2 using Nomad paintbrush and Stylus Sock).

(Good King Marty, the Black Mite and the Quest for Marmalot. Also painted on the holiday during the second half of the week… Brushes app on iPad 2 – although very sadly the files became corrupted part way through the process so I can’t upscale or animate the process πŸ™ Nomad and Stylus Sock again).

(painted just after the competition closed sadly. Autodesk Sketchbook app on Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9).

(iPad 2 and Adobe Ideas app. Painted, 90% of it) on a hot and over crowded bus going to the Bristol balloon festival that would have been better for us if it included balloons…)

(iPad 2, Paper by 53 app, Stylus Sock, Nomad and bitten like blazes by mozzies I found out later… πŸ™ )

I also did some photographing while there, also on the iPhone 4S although I’m painfully aware I need to pay out for an Olloclip or similar sometime soon as the camera, while excellent, does have a few limitations which came out in a couple of the pics I took…


…and I also drew some Marleks on shrink plastic (although had to wait until I was back from holiday to be able to cook them…

and also, not the best pic in the world, but I had half an hour to draw on a Nexus 7 so did these:

All in all, not bad for a month or so’s creative endeavour (and there are a good few more on the various websites, flickrs etc). Results of the competition are out in a couple of weeks, will be waiting impatiently to see how I’ve fared…

Joining the Marmarati.

Also in this weeks exciting blog post updates (oh I jest, as if I updated the blog anywhere near that regularly):

The Marmarati are having a competition. Participants are to create Marmite related imagery for.. well… don’t know, actually. Something or other. To be honest they had me at Marmite artwork. Few pieces of design have as much of a hold on me as a Marmite jar has. For some reason it’s a completely beautiful object, from the shape to the colour, and one that always makes me smile.

I’ve drawn things that are Marmite related before and blogged about them in the past but this time it’s personal. Well…. It’s something I’m more than happy to do in my spare time. Yes. Spare time. Hmm. Well, when that happens I like to draw so here are a couple of new pics with the intention that, while I’m on holiday soon, I’ll finish off two that I want to create with more time and focus devoted to them…

(drawn on iPad 2 using ArtStudio app).

(Drawn on iPAd 2 using ArtRage app).

(drawn on iPhone, on a train, using Adobe Ideas).

Should you be so kind you could click here and vote for my artwork in fact πŸ™‚ No idea how I’ll fare against the other pics on display but I must admit to wanting to win the Marmarati crested Tankard…