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Spider-man on HTC 1.

… using Didlr app and freebie Adobe stylus.

Good fun – I like both the screen, stylus and app, and I was chatting to mates while doing the pic so all good. I occasionally get to meet up with mates on a Sunday for games night but, since we’ve not done that for a while, we all met up last night instead.
Process video/scribble here: https://didlr.com/cbgdDA

Didn’t have my Olloclip or Jot Script on me though 🙁 Boo. But a very nice screen to work on indeed…

New cards…

Well, designs that I’ve been giving out for a while, so few of the newest images I’ve created… but regardless, always a lovely moment when the Moo package pops through the letterbox. I was more or less cleaned out of contact details cards at BETT so a re-order was more necessary than re-doing the designs.The main image is this:which I drew in a pub on a Samsung Galaxy 8.9 using a Nomad Compose brush and Photoshop Touch app and the cards can be seen in a smidgeon more clarity >>here<<

(being the process video of the picture coming to be….)