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Drawing on screens that are not mine.


Friday I drew on an Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Sadly there was nothing on the device in the way of an art app so I loaded up Safari and the excellent Harmony drawing web app and doodled the above while the very excellent Mr Nick Thatcher walked around and bought the things we needed for EGX.

Saturday – still very much on EGX mode I popped into PC World Woking (having been to Hobbycraft to buy stuff) and drew this on an HP touch screen desktop while I was chatting to staff seeing if they had something in stock I needed.

Saturday – again buying things for EGX (spot a theme developing?)  I drew this in Argos on the demo Surface Pro machine.

Basically? I love drawing on screens, all sorts of shapes, sizes, brands and makes. I sat in a pub once with some tech heads and they were getting a little irate as we sat directly under a huge advert on the wall for a certain brand of tablet from a company which at the time (and continues to) ignore any emails I sent asking for tablet lends for my students. The advert seemed all but ignored by the general populous which walked underneath it and my use case seemed to have more bang for buck and the people I sat with seemed to be getting far more angry about the situation than I was…  I’m used to getting to Plan C at least on any project.

Hey Ho. Until all art apps are taken from all demo machines at least I’ll be able to play according to my hearts content (and free time, and shop opening hours, and so on). So that’s definitely something…

Sometimes I take a line for a walk and have no idea where it’ll go…

Witness this. Had half an hour of drawing time and a Microsoft Surface to play with so I threw a few lines on the screen and let them do the rest. The funny thing is I always assume that the lines are completely random but something vaguely related had been on my mind since just before Christmas (a friend has found out she’s Vitamin D deficient and is looking forward to, hopefully, feeling better with the help of added sunshine).

So, somehow this came out on the screen (Microsoft Surface Pro/Fresh Paint app/Wacom Feel and Nomad Mini 2) and all of a sudden I’m vaguely wondering if the random lines are as random as I thought they were.

Not that I mind, just another thought mulling around the recesses of my brain.


Out with the cold…

(click on the image for the larger version).

Don’t normally do something so message/story heavy but I have recently been sitting at screens with no picture in mind and a scribbled line to tell me what to draw next.

Unusually not only did I see the picture more of less as it is but I also saw, fairly vividly, who he was (William), why he was blue (fuel poverty) and a little bit of his life story, some of which I wrote on the picture.

To be honest the way the world is, the way those in power run it for the benefit of themselves and the non-executive directorships they wish to attain when power is passed on to the next short termist, the way the Tories seem so brazenly elitist and so on leaves me cold. As it does William, sadly.

(Painted this morning on Surface Pro using the very fabulous ArtRage app and a Wacom Feel stylus).


The first screen art splurge of 2014.

#HappyNewYear, for a start.

Drawn on Nokia 520, Dagi stylus, Fresh Paint app.

For todays couple of hours of art therapy I started with a doodle card for a friend who’s reached ten years of fine service in a very noble cause… I suspected she’d like Bubbly Choc more than Champers (well, may be wrong on that one, may be an even tie) hence this:

(the ears isn’t an unkind thing about north of neck adornment in case you’re wondering, more a thing about the charity that’s the employer. Drawn on Samsung Galaxy S4 using S-Note and Jot Touch).

And then to finish a little bit of doodle bombing my friendly neighbourhood PC World. I do like popping in there and testing out a new screen (or three) to draw on, preferably something new, and they didn’t disappoint today with an enjoyable beginning doodle on a Lenovo touch screen desktop taking up the first half of my hour+ a bit in the store.

Stylus T. Frog furnished me with a Pogo Sketch Pro, Nomad Compose short hair brush, a Plai eStylo wooden stylus, a New Trent Arcadia retractable cloth/micro-weave stylus and a Jot Touch plastic tip pen. All performed admirably except for the Jot which wouldn’t connect to the screen at all for some reason.

After that had a quick draw on a Surface Pro, mainly using a Wacom Feel pressure sensitive stylus.And finally I finished up on a Samsung Note 3 (which I have a real soft spot for) which gave me the chance to start and end the couple of hours I had to draw on S-Note – a very under appreciated art package.

2 days. Four hours of drawing time probably. Five different screens, three different apps. Marvellous. Hoping the year continues this way 🙂

In the Shadow of the Spider Tree.

I don’t normally paint like this, coming back and noodling around on a picture. But a: I’m not the same person I was two months ago and b: Fresh Paint does make it fun to sit and paint with.

So anyhow. The Spider Tree. I’ve been walking past it on my waddling commute to work for ten years and have always been fascinated by it. It grows so close to an overgrown, unreachable and forgotten aspect of a main tributary of the Thames that the branches which grow upwards are reflected back into the green stillness, making it look like the worlds biggest spider – ominously waiting for people to come close even though it stands alone in its own patch of shadow.

Near it, a couple of years ago, two swans nested and tried to hatch eggs – but the weather put paid to that hope and, for many weeks, walking past the derelict eggs became a daily reminder of natures cruelty.

Last year the swans returned, the eggs hatched, and they moved on soon after. Have barely seem them since although a friend told me the – goslings? Swanlets? Were growing very happily.

And now the Spider Tree has taken on another aspect for me. I’ll carry on walking past it, for the moment (but have been looking for new adventures for a short while and think I may just leave to seek one come August whether one finds me first or not). It’s no longer the enemy of the swans but a bit more omnipresent. I thought it hadn’t moved but it turns out I was wrong in many ways and it allows me to give a character to some of my blacker thoughts; like a black dog re-imagined by Wes Craven. Occasionally I imagine myself floating down the leaf filled still waters towards the tree and whatever outcome that would deliver which is basically where this painting comes from. A sanguine moment of stillness and contemplation.

Will continue noodling around with it, hoping I dont overwork the painting (which is something I almost never do as a picture is rarely a continuation for me). Then again I might come back to the tree sometIme in a different picture. But for the moment I’m restful near it, hopefully not permanently in its clutches.