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Share Screening in PC World, Guildford. Frogs, Marmites and Snails.

Y’know PC World should pay me to do a drawing tour of all of their shops. That would be fun 🙂

Anyhow, finished work today (this year has been a doozey) and popped into the shop to draw on some screens. The problem with a hundred tablets out there that I want to draw on is that if I were to buy 100 tablets I’d have a huge amount of difficulty trying to explain that to people around me.

So instead we screen share. Well we Share Screen anyhow. The staff and I all get on well, chat holidays while I’m drawing and we chat about apps and styli used and they keep an eye on my pictures as they fall on the screen.

Today I had an hour and a half but, since I’d had a lot of pent up doodling stuck inside of me that let to four pictures drawn. Well, five, but I’ll explain the fifth later.

(Marmite; because it’s one of – if not my favourite – British icons. Sony Vaio laptop and Stylus Sock and MS Paint as Sony don’t include Fresh Paint in their demo software). 

(Stylus T. Frog; because he’s stuck by me through thick and thin. Sony Tap 11, Sony Pen and MS Paint). 

(Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and Webchemy online app). 


(MS Surface Pro 2, Stylus Sock and Fresh Paint app). 

… and this one wasn’t planned, just happened. I was asked how I draw a picture if I don’t know what I’m going to draw (a rejig of the ‘where do you get your ideas from’ sort of queston). If in doubt I take a line for a walk and see where it goes. It’s the plan that’s given me a depressed Godzilla, a drunk grandma being sick in the street, a snowboarding penguin and a hundred things equally unexpected. So I did a quick scribble and that led to the picture above which I didn’t really have the time to finish as I was supposed to have been gone after 60 minutes of drawing and left after 90 minutes.

Regardless. Love drawing on screens as much as I ever did and always happy to mix it up on devices.


Drawing on a Dell XPS hybrid.

Second in a series of… two sadly.

Work was loaned two new Dells to demo (as well as an utterly excellent LED pico projector) and they allowed me to borrow each for an evening to test out art apps. Because, you know, SCREENS!

Two days ago it was the Venture Pro – a full on Win 8 tablet. Last night it was the turn of the hybrid – an XPS flip screen laptop/tablet.

So with an evening to draw with, and a new screen to draw on, I drew these pics. Click on each (as always) for a larger version if you so want:

The first pic may, or may not, have been created offsite (ahem). It was painted using, as much as possible, only the watercolour brushes in Fresh Paint, as I’d not used them as much as I could have done when using the app.

The second picture was painted using mainly the oils and using a few styli that I tend not to (although I am very fond of the New Trent).

The third pic was created in MS Paint app and the fourth back in Fresh Paint which is one of my favourite art apps out there. I am equally fond of a number of apps but if I see the Fresh Paint icon on a machine I’m immediately smiling.

Exported pics (ie with no laptop in the background 🙂 ):

Chair. Frog. Bottle. Styli.


Screen sharing in Guildford PC World: the video.

Part of yesterdays massive 18k step marathon was forty minutes of popping into PC World while a friend and I waited for some aerospace grade resin was cut to shape for a brilliantly bizarre machine making process. So a vaguely normal Friday then.

Anyhow he agreed to video me drawing while we waited (on my long suffering iPhone 3GS) hence this, pictures drawn on a Lenovo laptop and a Sony Vaio Duo 11 using Fresh Paint and Paint apps using a Stylus Sock and a Dagi stylus.

Music by the very marvellous >>Duke Special<<.

It’s good to screen share… (again :) )

Today has been very long and fairly extraordinary. More to come on it but it started with the very lovely sight of a range of special education needs children, including a few in wheelchairs, dancing. Then had a short pause to buy aerospace grade resin and chat about the coolest possible Kickstarter and ended with watching Dr Who with the family over a Heston ready meal.

In between that – forty minutes of screen sharing in Guildford PC World…

Ironically both laptops cost £499 (although the Sony Vaio 11 is the last one in stock and heavily reduced)… I think it’s possible the Sony sliders are my favourite machines (possibly although it has the additional help that they were the machines we used primarily at the Gadget Show Live) and I never tire of drawing on them. Sad to think that when this ones gone I won’t draw on one again 🙁

Anyhow, more on today later. Screen Sharing was just the easy part to blog about…