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Performing Spripple Monkey.

I don’t often bring it up but my son is autistic. Which means certain formats and actions are followed or fallen into and become, in odd ways, routine and ordinary.

Most nights, for example, I’m asked to draw between 10 and 30 cards with Mario faces on. The cards have to be a set size (or they risk being folded up neatly and, if we’re lucky, thrown into the bin but more often that not are put in his mouth or thrown on the floor). They have to look as close as they can to the set cards given (or they run the risk of… well… you know) and they have to be uncreased, unsmudged etc. (or they etc again).

Tonight I drew these while son boy and I sat in the shed of skulls*.

Directly after drawing them he demanded one more and I snapped and said ‘you are a fascist tyrant and I am not a performing scribble monkey’. It’s the sort of thing we all say at each other in the family, fairly frequently.

So he drew me this:

Which I love and will keep somewhere forever. So, of course, I drew him one more card to add to the set and, for the sake of the blog, we put all of the cards together for a group photo. I seem to have drawn quite a few, and suspect I’ll draw more, until the next routine shows itself.

* ‘cos, y’know, having a shed of skulls is perfectly normal and ordinary. I have no odd moments, honest.

A million things on a never ending tick list…

I’m painfully aware I’ve neither blogged about Digital Surrey nor, from this weekend, Bohunt STEMfest. Both were college tech happenings where the students shone very brightly indeed and I look forward to writing about… But time, and stuff, just gets in the way.

The irony, as my wife would quite happily mention, is that I can find 30 minutes to draw a picture of Wolverine on a Nintendo 3DS XL (true) but can’t find the (probably) similar amount of time to do the other things that need doing.

Which is true. No idea – prevarication I guess. Just sometimes I sit and stare at a screen with a blank mind and a feeling of doom and other times I can sit and draw and that takes my mind off things.

This is one of the drawings (rather than the doom side). Yesterday had an EQR (External Quality Review) and it was very positive and kind and still threw up some things that I thought I was getting right but can obviously do better. Once I’d written up their feedback into a list of things that need to be done and so on I was sat with little in the way of energy left. So I drew, and it didn’t renew the energy levels, but it was a lovely escape. I didn’t know what to draw, nor what to draw on (I had an iPad and 3DS on me) but the 3DS came out of the bag first and the initial scribble looked a little like Wolverine so there you go, decision made. Art Academy is a fab art package (on both formats) and well worth using. Apart from the smaller screen ratio/size I don’t see it as a lesser tool than some of the tablet apps at all. The way the paint merges, pencils blend etc is beautifully realised.

So: Wolverine, drawn on Nintendo 3DS XL using the 3DS’ in built stylus and New Art Academy (which I mistakenly said on the video was Sketchbook but it suddenly strikes me that that’s the Wii U version = DOH ME).

(On a different but related side of things this was drawn as one of my Mornin’ Drawins on Sunday for a Nintendo Animal Crossing competition but, true to form, I couldn’t find the upload method until too late… boo, but nice enough to start the day with. Anyhow Wolverine was drawn on 3DS XL and the pic below was drawn on Wii U using Art Academy Sketchbook).

Hope you like, regardless of the criminal mis-information embedded into the moving visual…

The Frog, The Flamingo and the Gadget Show Live. Behind the scenes and initial thanks.

Oh my golly, oh my goodness.

It’s been a week. I fully intended to blog throughout but… Well, we’ll get to that. This is NOT the blog about the show. That’s to come.

A few short weeks ago, in the middle of February, the idea was mooted that the event co-ordination we did for the World Skills Festival could be replicated at the Gadget Show live. It seemed a HUGE amount of work at one of the busiest times of year (academically) but one that would be far too cool to turn down.

So I did. Exams and time and pressure and money won. But fortunately for me (and, hopefully, others) the Gadget Show Live team were persistent and somehow we managed to find a happy middle ground that saw me saying yes to 64 square m of space in one of the coolest tech hubs in Europe.

So far so good. Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

Then, at one point, we were ROYALLY done over by Travelodge (quoted just under £3k final bill nearly £5k. Long post about that to come) and, despite support from Microsoft, SMART board, Autodesk, ArtRage, Sampli, Wise and others it all seemed like it would all come crashing down. On one of the planning days – the worst planning day – I managed to catch a glorious 3 hours sleep – mainly because I fell asleep within ten seconds of sitting at the laptop with a coffee perched in my hand. Fortunately I didn’t move I was so deep asleep and the coffee was removed from my hand as soon as my wife realised I was solid gone. This has been a month of 18 hour days and, ironically, it told during the Gadget Show week itself, although hopefully no-one but me noticed…

Somewhere along the line (I’m looking at you Sally) I received an email that, I quote, asked us to take on a “small bump” in space. From 64 sq m to 84 sq m. And then, somehow, it turned into 119 sq m. I should learn to say no. But my inner egozilla believes I can do anything so I didn’t.

It was pride – my pride – that caused some of the issues we had in the final two weeks… I was so determined to make it not cost any money for the College I work at that I should have asked for money earlier. As it was I didn’t and tried all other avenues but time, by this point (far) less than a month away, and Travelodge seemed the enemy. Well. Travelodge mainly, but the clock was certainly ticking.

And then, somehow, despite all worries to the contrary, it all came together. The College I work at put in £2.5k which means, on a budget on less that £8k we managed to run, very successfully, the 10th largest stand at the show (if you exclude the speaking stages, 18th if you include them…) You can check out the floorplan here: http://www.gadgetshowlive.net/birmingham/files/gadget_show_final_201327.032.pdf

I absolutely could not have done it without the staff who helped on the stand and looked after the students as I did my thang: Dave, Kath, Helen, Terry (stand and minibus) and Chris (also a fabulous minibus driver who’s also a new dad, hurrah Team Chris).

Nikki was, of course, fabulous. She did all of the risk assessments as a: she’s one of those strange people that likes paperwork (sorry, still doesn’t compute) and had an interest in doing so as 5 of the students we took were Aspergers or Autistic and she is the ASD specialist in the college. She was on the stand every day an ASD student was in need of her skills but also ran everything brilliantly as I ran from one side of the NEC to the other when we needed a camera or similar.

Nick Thatcher was, of course, (cue the A Team soundtrack) the person behind the Tablet Eye Stand, the easel security system and much more and, sadly, the only thanks I could give him was a 15 sq m stand for him to show off his AMAZING one wheeled Raptor arduino controlled “Segway” like device. He is amazing, you should check him out.

The visiting artists were brilliant: Kyle Lambert rocked every screen he came into contact with and Stefan Marjoram – who I found out a couple of years ago that I went to college with – was as awesome as he is modest. It turns out I was also at college with is wife who is as lovely and generous as Stefan is. They’re a good match.

Paul A was a brilliant in house film maker and I can’t wait to see what he puts together of the week.

Fiona from (cough: the Marmaraiti :cough) was a brilliant visitor as was Ewen Rankin from the British Tech Network.

Sally, Helen and Anne were fantasticaly helpful, patient and kind. I spoke to some of the other exhibitors and their teams, and their 10 x my paltry budget, were, I’m sure, far less bother than I was. But we all managed to come together with something magical in the heart of the show and loads of people started their questions to me with ‘yes, but what are you selling…?’

We were joined brilliantly by the lovely Lumilyon. If you don’t know her name you should – she is one of, if not the, most prominent and fabulous phone photographers I can think of. No-one shoots more diverse images and cleverness than she does and integrating her into the mix was one of my dreams come true. And, of course, when you have a world famous Phoneographer in the house, a Lumen Prize Finalist, a world exhibited artisan of high regard, you can’t not have her on the stage, so, on the Saturday and the Sunday, without fanfare or prior notice, hundreds of people were given an explanation of her artwork and working process. Lucky people! I was so busy I only caught a quarter of an hour of the two 45 min sessions 🙁 But if I could afford her for every event I would do so – she is a star and, in this case, I was lucky.

But the biggest thanks goes to the students. Without them it would not have worked. 40 of them spent 3 – 7 days holed up in a Travelodge (more on that later*) and the Birmingham NEC without complaint, without pause, without hassle.

DO NOT DISS STUDENTS. Some can be, yes, moany alcohol fuelled brats I’m sure. We all were weren’t we? But  I took 40 to the Gadget Show for a week and they were awe inspiringly amazing. I shall write more of them later I think. But to spend a weeks residential, working 12 -15 hour days, walking around 8 miles a day or so, showing them off as possible work experience stars? Never anything less than a pleasure. I like my students a HUGE amount and if you need digitally literate IT or graphics work exp kids give me a shout..

Only at one point did I have to tell anyone off for noise past the 11pm curfew and, it turned out that it was a non-College Travelodge user. Still, after I gave him my patented death stare

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. But… not just yet ok? I’ve honestly never been so tired.

More to come – pics, vids etc… but for the moment – that was the College at the Gadget Show Live 🙂