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Strange and random scribblings.

Wuf the dog on Nintendo 3DS XL using Art Academy software:

Art Academy is phenominally powerful for a cheap cart on what is perceived as a toy device. Obviously it’s not as full on as, say, Fresh Paint on Surface or ArtRage on iPad/iPhone/Desktop but for what it is and does I’ve got a lot of love for AA. Well worth a play if you’re so inclined. The Wii U version is also very good.

Also today: sat down for a short break in the newly opened Five Guys, Guildford. Once burger was eaten sat, drank Diet Coke and still Fanta and drew this on my phone:

Even remembered to click on the process video button 🙂


…which won’t embed. Grr.

Also also:

A friend (hi Matt) asked me to test out my Jot Script on an iPad mini retina as it’s a screen that doesn’t necessarily like to play with styli as much as its bigger brother (nor the Hudl, Galaxy or other devices. It’s a very odd thing).

Anyhow worked like a dream, as did the Nomad play and Stylus Sock which I also had in my pocket. Hurrah. Only had five mins so was a turbo scribble but no problems noted in that time.

Drawn in the Guildford Solutions Inc, which is handy as it was next door to Five Guys 🙂

Pre-school Surface Tablet art session…

Saturday (and Wednesday as well) saw me take to the Electric Theatre to do some artwork with young people.

Wednesdays gig was doing mini book creation and manga art drawing techniques, which was as lovely as it ever is. I wouldn’t say that the time flies by – oh boy was I tired by the end of it – but the kids were brilliant and we all had a lot of fun.

Saturday was different though – I was asked to sit down and draw on tablet with any kids that wanted to join in. The main change was the Wednesday kids were 12 – 15 and the Saturday ones were 3 -5 year olds. I wasn’t sure how it would go.

As it was it was lovely. I did do some video but have an email to do list you wouldn’t believe but the kids love drawing, primarily on a Surface tablet running Fresh Paint. They occasionally struggled with the method of bringing on the interface but once away they were flying…

(this is the cushion one of the kids had been sitting on prior to drawing. He was a very young mind yet put a LOT of thinking into each colour and where he wanted it. When he had finished I asked him if he wanted to add anything more and he said ‘no. That’s right’ and walked off, happy).

Video, I hope, to come. But it was a LOT of fun to do (thanks ‘Leccy) and I hope I get to do pre-school tablet art again…