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Hedgehog in the fog.

So, as occasionally mentioned I’m a big old fan of DrawQuest – an app which encourages you to draw – everyday if time allows – to a given daily theme (and has a lovely and vibrant community which joins in and chats merrily on twitter afterwards 🙂 )

((On a related subject I’m also a fan of Didlr app – a similar thing but with no daily theme but more options and available on more platforms. Both are lovely to sit and draw on but for completely different reasons…))

A couple of days ago the Drawquest theme was ‘What came out of the fog?’ and, to that, there could only be one answer really…

 (drawn on iPad 2 using DrawQuest app, Dagi stylus and Nomad Brush).

(and with a smidge of Pixelmator magic sprinkled on… Wanted to play with Pixelmator v3 and a friend asked me how to use overlay filters so had a quick play through…)

You can see an animated version of the original picture being drawn here… Marvel at exactly how many times I faff around trying (and failing) to find the right colour… Good job the pics now shown in real time! That would be thirty mins of me scrolling through the DQ colour wheel umming and ahhing…

Anyhow this is, of course, a love scribble to the beautiful and brilliant ‘Hedgehog in the fog’ animation by Yuri Norstein.