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Samsung tablet art morning…


Lovely tablet art morning with 5-12 year olds.

Every so often, more and more frequently in fact, I’m asked to teach people how to draw and paint on tablets. Depending on who’s asking it can be a range of age groups. At the Ben Uri gallery I work with adults, on a St Peter’s craft morning its children.

Lovely tablet art morning with 5-12 year olds.

In as much as each group brings something new to the table there’s little difference (actually that’s not true… Nine times out of ten adults are far more scared to start than children are). But each group is certainly fun to run.

Lovely tablet art morning with 5-12 year olds.

This morning it was the turn of the 5-12 year olds and it was a lovely session. I could only fit 6 kids on my table and with 25 there it was a busy morning with lots of laughing and coo-ing over peoples shoulders (there were 3 other tables of other things to do on the hall that said so it’s not like people didn’t get the chance to play with something while they were waiting.

Lovely tablet art morning with 5-12 year olds.

I’d brought 6 loaned Samsung Notes with me, 3 Note 10.1s, 2 Note 3s and a Note Pro. Each are great machines and the kids loved drawing on photos of each others faces using the very wonderful ArtRage app.

Lovely tablet art morning with 5-12 year olds.

All in all – lovely fun. A huge shame the Samsungs have to go back this week, have thoroughly enjoyed working with them…

Unpacked Hijacked/Green Screen Envy.

Prepare for a Samsung Art-pocalypse…

(edit: updated the text in the colour scheme pic above. The lower one is the original picture).

I’ll admit I’ve been hugely envious of anyone and everyone who’s been at IFA this year much as I was last year. Hey ho, one day I’ll get there. It’s at EXACTLY the wrong time of year for me, the past two weeks being the horror of new student enrolment, but to read about the new screen releases and their various commentaries is maddening.

Similarly frustrating was the fact that I couldn’t watch the event as it was live streamed (as I’d hoped to do) because of the aforementioned enrolment. At the moment (I’m not paid holidays from my principle role) I’m only 11.5 hours a week yet, somehow, I still seem to have been in for nearly all of the past two weeks. That said: if you want a class set up properly for the year… best to make sure I’m involved and next year will be thoroughly interesting. Two classes for graphics for a start.

Anyhoo. I did get the chance to watch through the Verge videos on the Samsung* announcements which is as good a way to catch up as any. Love the Verge. Which is why I drew the top pic on my ageing – but very much loved Galaxy 8.9 (it’s Samsung’s first tablet in fact) using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro after a much needed day of chill out in London today.

One of the things that surprised me was that I’d expected to go in wanting to draw on a Note 4 and walked out REALLY wanting to draw on an Edge. The side flow seems perfectly attuned to an art app UI and I would love to see what that could deliver. The in built S Note app seemed to have the UI on the side and that makes me want to pick up a stylus and twirl it in the air in hungry doodley anticipation.

Hurrah, etc. Hope one of my students comes in with a Note or Edge soon so I can confiscate it and (if they say yes) draw on it 🙂

*”Hey whoa, wait, what? Drawing on a Samsung? It’s all about the iPad, right?” Well, since you asked, nope. I’m very much as keen to draw on a Galaxy S4:

a Galaxy tab 7:

a Note 1:


a Note 2:

a Galaxy 10.1:

a Galaxy 10.1 (2014 version):

Touch screen Samsung ultrabooks:

…and of course the Samsung tablet that started it all (both their tablet evolution and this blog post): the Galaxy 8.9.

((I REALLY wanted to draw on one of the Ativs but I never found one in a demo situation when I had time to draw or when they had art apps installed)).

(((AND on that subject I think drawing on Samsung hardware may dwindle now as the recent demo units I’ve seen has no S-Note app installed. Will see how it pans out)).

And so on… (I’ve got a picture drawn on a Galaxy Pro somewhere… One on a Note 3 and a Note 8 – which I liked a lot – and so on). I really like Samsung tablets and phones, just only get to play with them if I confiscate them from students or use them in shops…

But basically? Not all about Apple. Not even remotely.