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The Missing Link between Man and Jellyfish.

I was complimented by an attractive barmaid the other day who asked to see more of my iPad work (before getting told off for spending too much time talking to me).

… and it wasn’t a dream, honest. Anyhow as I walked off, saying that the next time she was in we could talk apps (oh I’m so smooth) she said ‘I wish I was as creative as you…’

The thing is I don’t always think I’m creative… Sometimes I just doodle. Certainly something I try to teach the kids in my classes – that sometimes art is about doing, rather than thinking and trying, desperately at times, to search for the muse.

Today, for example, I was out shopping with daughter with the intention of having lunch. She was a couple of minutes delayed getting to me so, as there was a Solutions Inc store next to the burger bar we were going to eat at I thought I’d pop in and have a quick draw.

Five minutes later she’d turned up and I’d drawn this:

…but was it creative? I just drew a line on the screen and it looked like a skull with Jellyfish tentacles… Which was fine but Penultimate is an app which doesn’t necessarily help with that having a very limited colour set. But I struggled on and this is what came out…





Regardless. Latest on the list of pictures I’ve drawn on borrowed screens from nearby shops.

I’d say more. Other pics and vids and stuff to go up soon but Eurovision is about to start so it’s time for screens to be swapped as I want to draw the singers as they happen like I did last year…

I:heart:ko, dragon skin and detailed notes.

Where to start?

I like technology (you may have noticed). I like using tech creatively and, every so often, not for the purpose it was intended.

I also like listening to podcasts, more often than not about technology, and some names make me happy to see on the list of show contributors. High up on the list, probably higher than anyone, is Andy Ihnatko, who has a melodious voice and a collection of stories that never seem to end but only in the best way. He has an easy and generous laugh and fequently seems to bring a healthy dose of joy to whatever subject he talks about. Which is all very good.

Today, for a change, I was photographing a (sadly) slain dragon using my iPhone 5S and Olloclip while listening to the Ihnatko Almanac podcast. Listening to Andy talk about cameras and tech and Ansel Adams and all sorts meant that, for a very lovely 20 minutes before work, all was right in the world. Except for the dragon, who had been slain.

Since you may not believe me about the dragon here are some pictures of its skin. I also had a marvelous morning teaching… Some days things just click and the students and I move forwards in a hugely exciting way. I really can’t wait to see the outcomes of this final project.

Following this I rounded the day off with the use of my trusty Adonit Jot Script to make detailed to-do notes in Penultimate app, while listening to Lady Gaga.

(penultimate app on iPad 3).

All in all, just your average Tuesday really… Barely worth the bloggage I suspect some would say.

(OK, ok. I confess. The pictures may have been macro shots of the sap from a fallen tree during the recent storms. But that’s only may. They MAY have been from a slain dragon and that’s the story I’m sticking to. They definitely are not from any sort of revolting food which has been suggested to me as an alternative. I may have, in the past, been known for taking photos of grill pans etc but in this case the truth is either sap from a tree or a slain dragon. Take your pick).

And a bit more Jotting.

Still enjoying the Script stylus (two days in 🙂 ).

This morning (Thursdays are the one day in the week I get to lay in) I thought I’d have a lazy paint morning so I fired up ArtRage on the iPad  (which every time I use it I’m struck by how phenomenally powerful it is as an application, some very heavy pixel lifting going on under the glass screen) and started to paint. Nothing came to mind for a subject so back to the stylus it was.

Unsure whether I like the landscape or portrait version more but was a lovely hour of chilling out. Now, sadly, back to work. Busy week this, as they all seem to be…

I did, for once, remember to click on the ‘record animation’ button on ArtRage so will try and output and edit that sometime soon… Just, very much, not today.

Plus a later update as the post wouldn’t upload:

First job today (well, first job I’ve got to) is to do a LOT of scanning and while I’m doing that I’ve been doodling this in Penultimate app.