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Today I drank a green beer.

I didn’t mean to… I just had thirty minutes between finishing off sending out a couple of review copies of Sylver and getting back to do the school run (spoiler: walk) and the idea seemed too good to avoid. Actually it was nice, not stunning but pleasant enough and it gave me a good opportunity to grab the iPod touch and start drawing:

and take a couple of pics while I was at it.

Then, before I knew it I was back on the treadmill again. And now to sleep….

The Final Three….

((said in a deep, ominous Battlestar Galactica voice)).

First off: this is not they.

Jumped into the photography studio today between classes with two of the final three books. One is being sent off tomorrow and I wanted to capture it afore it goes. (The bottom book of the three in the top pic is the working copy I keep on me most of the time. It’s torn and bent and creased and ragged but has a nice character regardless – a little like me I guess. Small also).

Anyhow this, hopefully, represents the last but one step of the Book Draw. It’ll be strange to see it all go but there you go, it’s been a lovely thing to be involved in.


… beautiful images captured by the Hubble space telescope on www.boston.com/bigpicture at the moment. Well worth a look and a peruse (and a gander if you so wish). It’s an advent calendar so I’ll be checking in often to see what else is added but, 13 pictures in so far, it’s stunning stuff. Can’t image what the image will be on the 24th…. (well, I can actually as there are a couple of pics which would seem to have a suitable naming/interest but we’ll see).

I do find it strange, on that subject, that Mr Dawkins and the followers of his religion can look at the pictures and say they prove there is no God while I can look at them and feel theopposite but hey ho: in the eye of the beholder and all that.

Guildford art exhibition.

Went to an exhibition with the art students the other day and, like most things, I seemed to find it more interesting and exciting than they did. Sigh… You can lead a horse to water…

Anyhow took a few snaps, even though I only had my poor diddy struggling camera with me and here they is. Aiming to pop in today with a slightly better camera, especially after I took son boy into town earlier and it was a teeth grindingly awful exercise.








There’s more artwork going in soon, I’m told, and there’s more artwork than I’ve photographed – it was a bit of a rush in and rush out time – but if you want to check out the artwork in the flesh it’s in the old Black’s shop, near Nando’s at the bottom of Guildford North Street. Open on Weds, Thurs, Fri (I think). Worth a check out and your support.

My artwork in the Tate…

Sort of kind of.


The Tate Modern to be exact, which I enjoyed a lot more than wifey and daughter did. Oh well, will have to waddle over there another time without them.

Also a couple of gratuitous shots, total new camera syndrome beginning to wear off now though.. A little.



Keen on the Repository of the Past shot, ahem, sorry, I mean St Paul’s Cathedral… The horses at Camden Market are OK but I didn’t quite get the angle I wanted. Bearing in mind it was a quick snap while waiting for wifey and daughter to go somewhere on their own and carrying half a hundred weight of bags it was OK.

Been away. Back now.

Hardly earth shattering news but hey ho.

So: had a short break between summer schools and family things and all sorts and dashed down to Dorset. Was lovely and, for once, the weather was almost totally with us during a holiday which was very pleasant.

Pics added. Family ones kept elsewhere but these are some of the texture doodles I did using new *(second hand but still way better than my last one) camera. Still working out what some of the settings do but some of the pics came out OK.

Actually I say the holiday was OK… As you can imagine a holiday with an autistic child is… Well. When it works it’s a joy and when it doesn’t it leaves someone in tears. My turn this time, but there you go, that’s life.








Also: big ups to the Lazy Lizard at Weymouth. Lovely place. Wish I could have spent more time in there relaxing but wasn’t my timetable.