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Changing direction again again…

OK, so I think I’ve got another couple of things to play with – project ideas that is. One is almost fully formed from the moment wifey and I started to bounce ideas around, the other… Hmmm…. Don’t know.

And therein lies some of my problems. A million ideas, too many. I occasionally joke I should clone myself although the danger with that is that both mes would come up with ideas and we’d both need to clone. Soon it would be a tsunami of orange strangeness and… well, best not to start, really.

I’m going to sit in a coffee shop tomorrow and think things through. I need to start making a plan to stick to and no further. Work wise I’ve gone from being redundant to having three hours to having 6 hours a week with the possibility of more to come over different disciplines which is comforting at least and nervey in a much as the more you spread yourself over courses the more it takes to plan and mark. Need to stop the merry go round for a couple of days and mull, mull, mull…

Anyhow, here’s a doodle I did just to get away from it all plus a couple of pics I found at the back of my camera.





Unexpected places…

Daughter told me that one of my images (the one everyone seems to call the eyeball) had turned up in her school as a 2m square banner in the school chapel. I was aware that it had been mentioned in the past but, tbh, I’m so unused to things not happening at the moment that it’s … delightful (for want of a better word) to see something that does. Very surprising. Was in the school on friday dropping off files on a DVD (more on that later) and had a quick look see – and photograph.

Love the architecture and feel of the new school (although some disagree) and was very pleasant to see the pic in situ.



Was also at the Boileroom last night for a staff enjoyment of final day with kids (mixed feeling this year, again more on that later) and one of the staff team performing at the close of the day. Four acts through the night all good, first time seeing Natascha Sohl and Flame to the Fire and they were both excellent. Midgar brilliant as ever and Redwood showed the kids how it’s done 🙂 Also went to a friend playing at the Guildford Community Centre which was ace and met up with an old friend and his wife who I’d not seen for 3 years or so. Lovely day it was. Mostly.

Found time, at the first two gigs to draw these using brushes (plus a few photos too). Enjoy. I loved the doing of them.

Grrr except I can’t show them as the iPod touch won’t connect to the network. Will upload later. Pics attached tho.



Met a hedgehog, said hallo.


While I was writing all sorts of schemes and stuff yesterday wifey was gardening with the kids and they were all very excited to meet, what looks like, a long standing resident of our garden. Daughter instantly named the hedgehog, then renamed, then renamed and after forty or so ideas came up with Truffles and so there we are, now we are five.

Had moved off by the morning that said, I think it was fed up with the paparazzi, but hope we meet up again 🙂

Yesterday ofsted OKish. One of dept was viewed, which she didn’t enjoy, and another was told off for not bringing in work on time which turned into one of those arguments with a little bit of right on each side, enough to keep things going for a while. Still. Survived day one anyhow.

Flipping AAARGH…




At last….. POWER TOOLS…..

So this years Ready 4 Action went by without a hitch, by and large. 25 odd (some very.. yes, yes, yes I probably use that joke every year) volunteers helping renovate three gardens for a variety of local residents who needed the help mixed in amongst 300 or so volunteers from a larger group of churches in Guildford and Surrey. It always amazes me that, as one of the smaller churches involved we send a very large group of kids who all give up their bank holiday weekend to help others. It also surprises, and pleases, me that every year they try an give us a job that’s unlikely to get done and we always get it done. Oh yeah we are THE TEAM.

The kids are lovely, a spectacular group and excellent value for money (we don’t pay them, in fact they pay to be a part of it). In addition we all got together and drew our t-shirts together prior to the weekend and one of the group won the t-shirt design compo at the beginning which was very pleasing 🙂 so pleasing in fact that the spamhead in charge of our team forgot to photograph it.







Still, was all sorts of fun. Nice one Matrix Team, R4A team and especially St P’s team. Twas a brilliant weekend.

Some more new newness. Fresh in.

So, again, wallowing in wifeys … um… wunderbarness here are a couple more of her stuffed toys she’s been into the making of. Regular readers (hi FBI special crafts unit) will know that she’s into a number of crafts and arts (generally mastering one and then giving up straight away for the next: I’m looking at you encaustic art, wire art, amigurumi, scrapbooking, chalk colouring and much more), all the while dismissing the fact that she may well be an artist. Again this site is happy to show her up for the liar she is (yeah, tell her THAT Mary Lynne 🙂 ). In as much as her little characters are very groovy (tell her that as well please, he said, cowarding out).

Also added a new brush play thing that I did after shutting down for the night (ahem) and that’s it for the day.


Ju cleverness 1.
Ju cleverness 1.


Ju cleverness 2.
Ju cleverness 2.
Ju cleverness 3.
Ju cleverness 3.


Husband trying to keep-up-edness.

Did have something else I was gonna upload but… hang on! Just remembered.


Did some work last week with some kids that, I think, the world doesn’t necessarily rate sometimes… Actually they were great fun and the final project we worked on, in ways, out the far more accomplished students I work with to shame and then some. At the end of the morning we came out with a very cool animation and they’d written this on the board to say thanks. Was very touched and made it all worthwhile when, really, I’d been grumping a little about having a stupidly busy tuesday.

The… ahem… best thing I saw today*

*which is a title shamelessly stolen from a rarely seen semi-friend who writes the www.chewingpixels.com blog amongst a huge number of other successful ventures. 

Aaanyhow: update 1 of 3:

TOTALLY addicted to this site, which contains a wealth of beautiful imagery. Lost an hour and a half to it this morning and can see many more hours stolen from me by its contents:


Update 2 of 3:

While I was at work today wifey took daughter and cousin to London town and had a whale of a time. They also snapped this which, I think, proves that if you want to get ahead in art you need to get orange hair and a beard:


Vincent 01
Vincent 01
Vincent 2
Vincent 02

Does look grumpy though… Hmmm… Anyhow, comes with detachable ear, apparently. Amazing photos taken by wifey who is by far the better snapper of the family.


Update 3 of 3:

Can’t think. There was something I’m sure, but need to get some sleep as I’m ordered to an all day INSet marking session tomorrow and need to get some shut eye. Vaguely hoping that I wake up a little different as am feeling very small and unsuccessful at mo’ but hey ho. At least I’ve got orange hair and a beard eh? That’s something at least.

SNOW! Part three of a longgoing series.

I’m by no means a decent snapper, again, wifey’s much better than I am on that score, but these made me smile over the past couple of days so they’re uploaded for my egotistical vanity pleasure 🙂





By far my favourite thing, when it snows, is the look of trees and branches covered in snow. Dunno why just appeals to me. Loads of pix of those, but that’s more of a me thing I think so shan’t upload I don’t think 😀

Have had the call that the County Council is ‘encouraging’ schools to be back tomorrow so daughter’s a bit grumpy tho’.