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Hudl 2 camera walk.

I’m very lucky to have a lovely walk just outside of my door which allows me to test out the tablet and phone cameras in a picturesque and leafy setting.

The Hudl 1, let’s be honest, had a pretty dismal camera. I’ve read in a number of reviews that the camera on the Hudl 2 is a step up, but not necessarily a huge one… It’s not a deal breaker for me but I thought I’d pop out and give it a test drive anyhow.

First off.. The Android operating system has never been speedy for me when it comes to picture taking so I was a bit surprised when the pictures came out quite snappily (ho ho). The pictures are all at a pretty high resolution and pixel depth and, for the most part, I found very few mis-fires and blurred pictures (which has more often than not been the case for me with Android devices in the past).

The negative is that the images taken do seem to have a number of filters applied at source which I can’t seem to turn off or get rid of. Less good, that aspect is. I’ll keep looking for some toggle switches.

However the panorama and pano sphere settings are fab. I like them loads…

(as aways click on the image for a larger version. This one exported at a not small 6400 x 1000 pixel count).

…and then, at the end of the walk, there was a nice sit down so I could go through the pictures and chat with friends…

All in all? Far more impressed with the camera on the Hudl 2 than I had anticipated at all. It’s not a full on camera replacement of course (nor is it as good as some of the phone/cameras which boast far higher specs for far higher prices) but the best camera is the one  you have one you and, in this case, it’s not bad at all…

(Some of these pictures had a smidge of auto colour adjust applied in Snapseed. That said it was all still in tablet and, for the most part, was one or two simple filters applied… Nothing huge in terms of image editing).

LMUG photo walk…

Went on a photo walk on Saturday. Was a lovely time 🙂

Started at the Churchill Arms in Notting Hill, walked to Earl’s Court for the Great British Beer Festival, marred mainly by the fact that, as it was the last day, a LOT of beer had run out (which was more than a good deal of the audience could do – ba doom tish). Then it was away to the Gosh comics opening (sadly missing the Dave McKean signing but always lovely to see some of his artwork on show and finally off to Chin Chin Labs, one of my favouritist places on the planet. Liquid Nitrogen ice cream? Yes please. I always have the special (which on Saturday was Basil Choc Chip. Yum, honestly).

Anyhow: couple of sample pics and more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/56759148@N00/sets/72157627254828691/