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Back to the doodle:


Still not really finished yet (hurrah for internet revisionism so that I can change the pic as I’m working on it rather than do lots of update posts with the same image on but 10% different) although the dog is a help to the image which was left hand heavy without him. I do know what would happen as it went on as a story if I did carry on with the pics (although I have enough stories cooking at the moment…)

Diff subject this is the latest in a series of Brushes pictures, drawn on a bus on an iPod touch in the main. I think, although there’s a gargamillion things to do before it’s a definite, that I’ll be exhibiting a few pictures both at the Book Festival and at the Guildford Exhibition in Phoenix Court. Hope it comes to be, have wanted to exhibit for a while now…

Also: Currently listening to: House of Heroes Acoustic EP and Meet the Beatles ep. Utterly ace stuff from an utterly ace band. Just a shame I had to wait for a friend to go over to America to buy them from iTunes as they’re unavailable here… So: they’re excellent, email a friend in the US post haste.

Big Book Draw day stuff…

OK so October is shaping up to be a doozey. For a start I’m fairly sure we’ll see Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of Time hit the streets (third and final book in the Everything series although, not necessarily, the last we’ll see of Sylver).

Then I’ll be doing the Big Book Draw with my youth group kids, a couple of friendly teacher helpers, some students and all sorts. Should be ace. The venue is BRILLIANT for drawing and creating in and they’re keen to be involved which is always good in a partnering venue. As well as all that the story is strong (although I always say that, egotist that I am) and the beginning and end doodles look pretty cool (massive ego ahoy). (Well, I like them anyhow ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Better than that this years book draw is different because I’m approaching well known people and asking them if they could fill in a template of doodles for inclusion into the whole piece. So the kids (of all ages) can go away with a book written by them and Tom Merritt (Buzz Out Loud host and writer of Boiling Point), Jan Pienkowski (Meg and Mog), Paul Cornell (writer of Marvel comics and Dr Who novels), Emma Dodd (loads of books for Templar publishing). Nick Page (The Longest Week, Whatever happened to… and many more books) and more. Which is great… So far spent a good portion of the evening sending out more begging letters so shall see what I get back. But whichever way round it’s going to be an interesting day.

I think we’ll be doing a second book draw day but that’s very much tbc so we’ll see what happens on that score. More info later, maybe.

And then, lastly, someone offered their venue as a host to an exhibition in Oct for the Brushes artwork for the BBD and more besides so it looks like that one may be a goer too. We’ll see. All exciting stuff.

Less excitingly wifey was DIYing (I was doing kid duty and setting up youth work stuff for tomorrow) and… hmm… let’s just say that one tin of paint should have had a top on. And not be trodden on. And catapulted over two carpets, a wall, two library books, four books of photographs etc. Oh well, we’ll look back on it and laugh I’m sure.

Righto, onwards. Loads to do, just fancied a rest from it for a min.

The assassination of Jesse James by…

… the robot driven Ford Ka.



… Seemed funny (ish) at the time. It’s a riff on this:


although mostly the image was done on a bus and then finished off in a bath. That lettering took FOR-flipping-AGES and yes, I know, I could have done it in Pixelmator in a squillionth of the time. Wanted to do as much in Brushes as I could. In the end I just added the vignetting in Pixelmator and that was that.

In other news I’m excitedly downloading the Expression Design 3 demo at the moment. If I had the time to do so I’d spend all day playing with a ummm quadumvirate? of art packages: Pixelmator, Brushes, Blender and Expression Design. All of them (bar brushes) are hitting pretty major updates soon (1.5, xx, 2.5 and 3 respectively) and that always makes me wan to play and see what’s new. Surprisingly all are allegedly the less well known applications (I also own Photoshop, Freehand and 3dsMax – legally I add) but these lower league programs often show themselves to be better than the big boys…

Anyhow: it’s downloaded now so time to play ๐Ÿ™‚

((Sigh, take it back, time to download Net framework 3.5 – which keeps bombing out, and then install. Grrr)).

(((and… to be fair to Microsoft, it’s not just their software that’s giving me grief this morning: iMovie is crashing out repeatedly while trying to convert a clip too ๐Ÿ™ ))).

Lastly: while I’m waiting for things to install, download and upload, here’s the timelapse of the Assassination picture with not particularly great garageband soundtrack. Hey, what can I say, I was multi-tasking and doing this and kids brekkies and everything…


Couple more brush plays…



Wifey had to go off to do something tonight so once the kids were to bed (if not at all asleep) I’ve been playing a little more. Loads of fun, although it does make me wonder how many more tools they could fit into the Brushes app, or if Pixelmator – my other art tool of choice at mo – could make a Brushes a mator mash up to capture the best of both worlds.

That said, Brushes is a LOT of fun and to see the image grow and build is quite fascinating (for me a least ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Changing direction, grieving a little…

So change is coming, which I’ll write about soon but some aspects of my life are very much up in the air all over again. Not that I’ve not been in that position before and it was a time of uncertainty and blessing in that order so I’m sure faith and hope’ll get me through again. Still, as I reach the ripe old age of very nearly forty it gets less and less fun to juggle on a tightrope.

Diff subject:

one of the things I miss most was a personal and group project combined. The Guildford Big Book Draw was always a load of fun and, for the first three years, we (by which I mean wifey and I as well as some lovely helpful teens from the youth group) would get out loads of art materials and just have fun with whoever wanted to join us. Then, on the third year of doing that I did my back in carrying it, because we had so many people joining in. So last year we went small and did mini-books which was lovely as well. This year is up in the air and I truly hope we do it but we’ll see. Here are some of the paintings from two years ago and they’re all sorts of ace. One day I hope circumstances put me in a book draw place again…



For a variety of reasons yesterday was not the best. When things are tricksome like that I do find myself hiding into drawing and this is what came out of my computer, twice. The first time the package crashed near completion losing all my work (the former being the softwares fault the latter mine), the second time it did crash again but I’d saved it close enough to the end to catch up and complete to a point where I was happy to go to sleep.

Anyhow, today? Dunno, will see. Do feel that my life’s just taken a 180 turn by being hit in the face but I’ve said that before and that’s when I got into teaching, maybe the next turn will be equally interesting.

big deep heartfelt sigh.

OK so work is calling but I NEED to do something unrelated, if only for a few minutes. Today was great, teaching wise, as all of the students seemed to come out of the lesson with a good image bar a couple of students who understood why it didn’t work for them (didn’t follow the steps in the correct order which, in itself is a valuable lesson to learn)…

alison_moyet-the_essential-small1Also pleasant was the fact that as I was going through the lesson I was showing the steps piece by piece and that image came out pleasantly so uploaded it is and then off to a meeting that’s gonna last for hours…

Because TWO people DEMANDED it!

/Stan Lee voiceover. That takes a lot of effort y’know. And with great effort comes great lack of energy.

OK, did some doodling on the tree last night post going to two extraordinarily useless meetings and going to get a new staff card, because, hey, if you need to show how safe you are working with kids – throw another piece of paper at it!


I was particularly pleased with how the bark was going and, in that instance, it was something where the concept art had changed the storyย subtly. I say ‘was’ because towards the end of doodling Pixelmator crashed (well, constant spinning beach ball of death anyhow) and I had to force quit, leaving only a screen shot to remember it by.


To an extent I’m not that unhappy with that. It makes the tree feel more ethereal, less permanent. Like a leaf floating on the breeze that you catch for a second and then is gone to wherever it’s headed. For the first time I can remember a crash made me smile in a way because it was so in keeping with the image.

I will come back to the pic though, in a few days, Ready 4 Action is nearly on us and I’ve got a huge amount to do for that and ofsted and teacher training and Sylver 3 and all sorts of all sorts. Onwards…