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Well into a new html 5 website called Harmony. It’s a fabulous piece of web code which allows you to draw on the browser and export your images. Here’s a couple of sample images doodled in a state of happy scribbling.

All Wombat related of course – I’m a little focused on that at the moment – but different stuff to come soon, honest.

(edit: in the interests of complete transparency the images have a smidge of Pixelmator updating: each has a gradient overlay added but apart from that it’s Harmony all the way).

Different subject.

Youth group last night was interesting. Normally I spend all week doing ‘the creativ stuffz’ so I tend to then do youthwork in the two non-creative rooms on a group night playing either football or Rock Band.

Last night was different as wifey – who does lead the creative stuff on a group night – was stuck for ideas so I said I’d do computer art with the kids. Actually it was  a lot of fun. We did a good amount of Photo booth, a fair bit of Photoshop liquify face mangling and a smidge of Pixelmator brush painting. This is possibly my favourite image from the night and came from Paige and I throwing Brushes around. Twas fun.

And once this is uploaded to work. I may well upload the Wombat pics up here but that’ll be a later job (sorry Pants) as they’ll all need resizing.

Wombat and Wambot…

One of the things I’ve been working on, well, two of them actually, comes to leave my hands and go to the hands of others soon enough.

The first, Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of Time, hits shelves in April after the most protracted birth of any of my projects, ever. Oh boy.

The second hits shelves before hand, despite only having been worked on since Christmas in any real sense. It’s been a theraputic piece of work in some ways, exciting in others. Ladies and Gentlemen meet Wombat and Wambot. It’s the tale of a small, furry amnesiac and his large robotic counterpart. Fairly obviously the name came first and the story… Well, there’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that in there. Sometime soon it becomes my own and then, shortly after, it’s going to be given over to others: much like the Big Book Draw the fun of Project Wombat is that others will fill in the middle up until the last page or so. That part will be the most fun of all. I had intended to show the project off sometime in the Summer but with the release of Brushes on the iPad in a months time it makes more sense to try and hit before then which has compressed my stretching out and relaxing time to a small, stressed ball of lack of time off. Still, I do love working on a project so hey ho, all part of the game.

Anyhow if you’re so inclined you could join the twitter feed at @wombatwambot or add the facebook page here… The more the merrier (and of course the more would help me out in showing the project off to others in the future so any adds would be gratefully appreciated).

Doodling as I does.

‘Twas explaining the brushes feature in Pixelmator to one of my students and this came out of it (well, 50% of it did, I finished it off a little while ago). Modern art? How about bids start at $500,000 thank you very much.

In other news: going to the leaving do of two more colleagues tonight. I don’t think this day is going to end well… We’ll see. Straight from that to youth group so I’m now booked in for the next 14 hours.

Very much a work in progress.

I think this may be the project I go onto after Zombies and Wombat. Maybe… It’s certainly grabbed my bonce for the moment but hey, things do that.

In other news had some kind comments after I posted a somewhat sombre Facebook comment earlier, being cold and wet and having walked for an hour in the rain to have a bookshop tell me they didn’t want to have a look at samples of Sylver 3. Am warm and dry now, so two of the three issues are now fully resolved so, hey, it’s not all bad. And the positive comments always make things roll a little smoother. Have picked up a couple of hours more at college too, which I don’t have time for but could do with the money, so again things not so bad I guess. Onwards, anyway, albeit to sleep now.

Sort of vaguely a get well soon card.

Friend of mine is going in for an eye operation on Thurs hence the desire to do a get well soon card. This makes more sense to the person it was sent to but you’ll have to take my word for it that it probably raised a smile. If you’re so inclined prayerful thoughts on Thursday would be appreciated, by me more than her, but hey, it’s still good to keep these things in mind.


Was going to see my mum’s new house (long story) later in the week but going down there today instead which required me to create a card at short notice. Hence the remix nature of this image but it’s spot on for who it’s being given to.