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Road bump.

Oh boy. Sometimes I’d like dull. Hey ho I guess if I can keep my hair through latest road bump then I’ll be a wookie, my son.

Or something like that.

Also: doodled this on the bus to a lunchtimes worth of schools work today. Was fun although as I was described variously as: Jesus, Chuck Norris or Adam from The Hangover I wonder if anyone actually got the message I was carrying or just involved in a debate amongst themselves as to who I looked like the most.

Worryingly this file (well, some of the variants I was hiving off) are glitching like mad which is a little concerning bearing in mind I’m just over halfway through Wombat at the moment. Hmmmmm…. Hope it’s a temporary issue. We’ll see.

So: day of three halves for me: school work was fun, road bump less so and Brushes causing first furrows of frowniness. Time to sleep, hopefully not to dream.

And…. Saying goodbye to the class of ’09…

Ahhhh the class of ’09. Sometimes a good year, sometimes not so much. I look back on these guys with mixed feelings but a huge amount of happiness and joy.

I’ve been thinking about ex-students and the Book Draw a lot over the past couple of weeks. I’m coming up to the final months of, possibly, the last classes at my workplace and a number of students have been asking if I’ll miss them. Spoiler warning: (I will) and who knows what will happen in the future. I do know that some of the guys and gals I have worked with this have have been entertaining an fun to be with.

Which leads me to these guys: the class of ’09 Big Book Draw version. It was a wonderful day (click on the Guildford Book Draw tab to the right for more details) but a project that often nearly broke me. For a start I had huge dreams – as with any project – and I really must learn to stop doing that. One of the dreams was to have a launch party with a difference. I made forty copies of the book (and since each copy took at least an hour to make that’s a fair chunk of time when times always a pressing). The idea was to have a night out where people who had helped on the day could be given their copy of the book at random. The next step on this project is to wrap each book in brown paper and post them to recipients and give them to those more local. It was a lovely plan. Added to that I wanted to have a storyteller there on the night to read out the story of the Dragon and his Princess and the Fish’s Library (a story I’m quite pleased with 🙂 ) and it would all be lovely.

Of course it wasn’t to be. I tried but hey ho, some dreams fly too high and the reach of my net feels very limited. But I do still intend to send the books off to people, at random, and with a bit of luck the people who receive them will photograph themselves and their book and email that back to me. Then, and only then, will I know who got what.

It’s been a funny old road but one that’s kept me amused through some dips last year. Now I’m onto the semi-sequel (Wombat and Wambot) which, again, is a youth work venture and, again, will be drawn by teenagers who I’ve yet to meet and can’t wait to do so, and hopefully I’ll look back on the project in the Summer as I wrap it up and smile as much as I do with the mini-books above. We’ll see. I’ve yet to learn to stop dreaming but, since the dreams help me with the ideas in the first place I can hardly complain when the rough goes with the smooth I suppose.

In other news the final, FINAL copy of Sylver went of to the publisher today for print and release in early May. More on that when I have the time to type but youth work calls for tonight so it’s time to plod onwards on a different path…

Ooooh quiet in here isn’t it?

Work proceeds apace on Wombat Wambot, my online comic drawn almost entirely in Brushes. It’s happening now at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wombat-Wambot/373739641256 with one page a day uploaded (weekdays, I deserve a break now and again) from now until July.

Or so the plan goes…

Also: Oh Apple why do you taunt me with a ‘buy your iPad now’ email when you know I am in t he UK and cannot buy one until the end of April when it’s released way off in the future two months 🙁

Updates soon, honest, but for the moment Wombat’s sit heavily on my brain.

Edit: Also also, should I post the pages here? Would that make sense? I wonder…

Life informing art…

So I’m in the midst of sending stuff out, which I find thunderously demoralising, and college marking for final projects, which I also find thunderously demoralising, and a change of routine and projects at the arts centre, which ain’t much fun either.

Anyhow, image from Wombat… May not be final text…

Project Wombat video…

One of the loveliest things about Brushes is that you can view the work as it happened as an animated video file (although that said as soon as layers were introduced to the app it broke the animation viewer and importer with outputted data being on a level 1 – 4 basis despite the level you drew your data on – witness the fact that you can see the interior of the image drawn prior to the outlines. That said it’s still both lovely and remarkable what the lil app can do).

So here’s a video of one of the more recent pages drawn (page 14 if’n your interested). I think I’ll be outputting one vid per page, maybe, it’s certainly doable. My main issue would be sourcing music but, then again, as the music provided to this and the last video I made was made by youth group musicians maybe I’m in a good position for that one too. I like the stuff they make, certainly…

Anyhow: video below, hope you like.


Textured the meteor.

Had an on again off again email chat with someone last night (who sounded like he had the most bizarre roller coastery day ever) and textured the meteor image and drew out a colour version of the big book draw book. Pics of the colour BBD to come but the textured meteor looks a little like this. I do think I’ll end up texturing the whole of the Wombat if time allows… We’ll see.


It’s a little bit of added Photoshop and a little bit of Pixelmator (with screensnapz at the end to grab the moment). I love Pixelmator to pieces – it’s a very groovy image editor as I’ve mentioned in the past – but it does struggle a little bit with multi layer 300 dpi images so Photoshop had to be dusted off to do a little bit of the placement.

Update on Meteor image…


So I lost the original image from about 3/4s of the way through. I did think about scrapping it and doing something else instead but decided to trog on regardless… Here’s the… 95% finished version? I may add a few more bits, we’ll see.

Awesome day today at times – nice to end it on a Hero Management gig. Will say more about that at some point but want to chill out to the Joystiq podcast and wind down time.