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When an iPad wouldn’t work…

Not slowed down on the iPad interest, having now seen the keynote. I have a slight concern that the number of sensors may not be enough for such a large screen and that the feel of Brushes will be lost¬†when the finger cannot take in the whole of the screen. It’s the same vibe I get when changing Wacom tablets, some I’ve loved, some I’ve been hugely disappointed by. I hope the iPad will be the same sort of revelatory experience that finding Brushes clicking was.

Which brings me to this. Doodled this in the bath. Yes, I know, that’s a little silly but hey ho, fancied a rest and chill out but with the chance to get some images out of my mind and onto the screen. This is definitely a place where the iPad is NOT going to go. I feel nervous enough about drawing on my iPod touch when surrounded by water (while also listening to BOL on my iPod classic which I always worry I’m going to see falling to a watery grave as well). I should change my workflow but this isn’t bad for an hour and fits a hole in the Project Wombat story.


It is something I may not end up using, that said. In one of the two occasions since buying the Brushes app it’s bodged a little. I’d just finished the image when the thing ran out of battery. No probs, I thought, it’s done that a couple of times as I’ve been drawing… But something about this time was different and when put back on charge I found the layer information flattened and, on first look, the brushes file – the one that can be upscaled rather than output at screen resolution – was corrupted and the PNG option the only one to choose. A restart of the software and copy of the file corrected that at least but layer info seems totally gone.

That’s not to say I’m unhappy. Some things are ¬†temporary and I have thrashed Brushes to pieces and it’s been remarkably stable. One glitch in a million uses is unsurprising.

Anyhoo: onwards to sleep prior to teaching tomorrow. Night all.

Todays image…

new-page010-small2So Project Wombat part one of four is nearing completion and I’m in the process of emailing it out to people. That’s the least fun part of a project for me, when gritty realism meets blue sky dream head on. We’ll see how the next few weeks go, basically. This is one of the sample images sent out, I may end up posting all of the first issue here or somewhere, we’ll see… But as always as ever at least it’s not bad for something drawn on an iPod touch.

Can’t wait for tomorrow incidentally. Hoping it’s a corker of an announcement.

That there Wombat project…


Another couple of pages from the Wombat side of things.

Which, to clarify, is the sort of semi-sequel to the Dragon and Princess side of things.

Although that may not have clarified. So, backtracking a little bit:

For the past 5 years I’ve been doing a collaborative/community art day called the Big Book Draw. Basically a hundred or so people (sometimes more, sometimes a lot more) get together and draw a story together. It’s been a lot of fun. There may be a sixth one (I’ve got the idea for it) but, at the moment, it’s looking a little unlikely for various reasons. I’d love to do another one but we’ll see, depends on other avenues.

However this is the ‘other’ book draw that’s in my mind: a four issue comic where a group of people, preferably teens, preferably ones who’re not as enamoured with the school process as they could be, do the grand finale. A 20 plus page fight scene between a good guy and a bad guy. It’s a long story and, the point of it is that the bad guy need not always be but why? That’ll take fifty pages or so to tell before we get to that point.

As ever it’s drawn in Brushes, the iPhone/iPod touch application, and, so far, I’ve doodled out 20 odd pages with the next few getting drawn in my free time between now and Easter when I hope to get the collaborative stuff sorted.

You can catch more details on the Big Book Draw at www.bigbookdraw.co.uk the Wombat stuff’ll follow but it depends on my free time and there’s precious little of that sometimes.

Project Wombat.


Which sort of leads me to Project Wombat. That’s not its final name, which I’m currently a little protective of as I like it loads and have not seen before, but it is the sort of semi-sequel to the Big Book Draw. Sort of.

Basically the Book Draw was all sorts of ace yet, at its heart, the subject matter was mainly suited to young people, 8 yrs and younger or so. I wanted to come up with a similar idea which could appeal to teens with the same aim in mind: there’s the start of the story and then there’s a group there to finish it off, as long as it hits a specific point to finish on. I’m trying to get things moving for March or so with an Easter doodle day in mind. We’ll see but I’d love to see it happen.

And now it really is time to sleep.