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House plus full moon.

Today was fun.

So, after teaching three classes back to back with no break I thought I deserved a little drawing time. So I did this, on a Promethean IWB for once rather than a small, portable screen. The picture took exactly as long as it takes to listen to Five Iron Frenzy’s Engine of a Million Plots cd if that’s useful information in any way.

And now, sigh, back to work…


Didlr/Nokia #DreamAccessory campaign.

As a tablet artist of (admittedly very minor) note I was asked to quickly create a couple of pictures for the #DreamAccessory competition.

Both of these images were completed within 90 minutes. Which, I think, constitutes quick 🙂 In fact, having checked the video time for the second one, I did the monster in 38 minutes.

This one was created on iPad 3 using a Nomad brush:

And can be found >> here << and >> here <<… They even used the pic on the press release page which was hugely gratifying 🙂

… and this one was created on Promethean Interactive Whiteboard using a hard tipped IWB stylus.

… and can be found >> here << on the Didlr site.

Process video:

“But why,” the audience (hi mum) asks, ” didn’t you drag the window down lower to make it easier to paint the picture…”

“Ah…..” I reply, slowly, trying not to look as if I have the gentle reminders of backache from drawing at ever so slightly the wrong angle…

The pic and vid seemed to go down well though, which is always nice 🙂




Big fan of Groo and Comic Twart so, when it came up on the Twart website I drew two Groos.

And then I lost the files and only just found them. So here they is 🙂 Drawn on a Promethean interactive whiteboard which we had just had installed at the college (October time ish).

And a video, but I don’t know if I’ve worked out how to upload those yet…