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Also: back to Red…

Busyness wise things have been hectic recently but it’s about to get a whole heck of a lot more chaotic over the next month or so between now and Book Fest and a couple of freelance gigs on the go.

Aaaanyhow in my attempts to get back on the horse I’d been looking for my wacom tablet pen which has been missing since we decorated the lounge a month or so ago. Strangely, in terms of looking, I found it and this fell onto the page via the loveliness which is Pixelmator 1.5. I do REALLY want to get back to Red at some point but at the moment other paying jobs have to take priority (apart from Book Draw which is just for the fun of it) but couldn’t resist bring Red back for one quick doodle.



Prob. finished on this page, at least for the moment while I get onto something else… It’s a very emotive part of the story and I don’t want to overwork it visually. It’s also the only page in the entire issue that has this look and vibe so good to get it out of the way and know I can get on with the pages which have a more colourful feel to them.

Incidentally the story of the page isn’t what it possibly first appears to be. It is… hmmm… Strikes me that it bears some explanation but don’t want to give too much away. The story is to do with the repercussions of Little Red Riding Hood being attacked by the Wolf and it seems to me that there is a lot more that could be said if you took the ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ line away from the original. It’s the stuff of nightmares, long and ongoing, and that’s where the picture picks up. I did have a small ish debate with an occasional acquaintance on friday at the Boileroom and he admitted that he didn’t get it. Ah well, happier pages to come. Well, more colourful anyhow. Although the page after this stars the ‘flycos and they’re not the nicest of characters. More hopefully soon although have to dash to edit Les Mis now…

Red’s dream…

Busy day, busy weekend. Son boy had three parties to go to, two of which were family things so was lovely, all things considered.

Did this, not really related. It’s page 4 of Red though. At the moment I’m doing it vaguely non-sequentially – pges 1 – 33 are pencilled, 34 – 99 merely scripted in my mind so pretty loose. I’ve digitally inked and coloured half a dozen pages.


Back on Red.


Doodled this earlier with touchpad and no tablet and liked it as is. Prob now would be replicating look for other characters so this may be a one off.

In other news doing emails for a collaborative project which seems not particularly collaborative at the moment 🙁 Not that that’s too great a surprise and, in some ways, I knew what I signed up for, but even so the level of support is a little deflating. Ah well. Onwards.

Next week is full of possibility.


Still doing the Red project in the free time between life… Which is why it’ll probably be ready circa 2015.

Actually, that said, next week I a: take delivery of a shiny new Aluminium Macbook Pro (which is lovely and I can’t wait) and b: have more free time so will start setting about drawing Red in earnest. What I’m most interested in, because I have no idea so far, is how long a page takes top to tail. At the moment I fritter about with it in between things or when kids are in bed and paperwork is done and all that. So each page has taken about four days or so. But that’s four days of an hour here, an hour there. With 95 pages to go four days per page won’t cut it but one day each will… We’ll see.

Still waiting on Pixelmator 1.5 though. This project is stress testing Pixelmator 1.4 – a few crashes with the large file size plus layer list… But still the tool of choice for the project, as is Brushes which I’m trying to integrate in some way, just haven’t worked out exactly how yet…

New projects new challenges.

Another screenshot from the new project I’m working on. Dr Sylver 3 is dated for the week commencing October 10th this year so it’s exciting to have a release date to hang on it and now, teacher training portfolio aside (which I REALLY must get onto although the irony of that statement is subject to a confidential document I can’t share with anyone) I’m now full time on this project and one other. Roll on July 3rd when I can start giving attention to them with less guilty feelings alongside.


This week has also been defined by uber athletes foot (which erupted in blood and other disgustingness on my big toe) and then a night of ‘both ends fighting the middle’ as one of my colleagues charmingly put it. Whether it was a bug caught from the doctor’s waiting room or an allergic reaction to the foot cream I don’t know but Tues – Thurs were not comfortable days. At all. Today is the first day I’ve been up to much so, like a twit, I walked son boy to the shop to buy a Slush Puppy (which came out with a completely different name on my phone when I tried to text wifey) and came back feeling like a poached slug. Still, it’s been a very positive day too so that’s a good ‘un.

Also: did this y-day using Brushes on the iPod touch. It’s surprising in a way – I’m so used to tools and layers and modes and styles and warps and filters – but Brushes is a joy to play with and watch the results. When I see the movie file play away I see areas that I would have changed had I not seen them from the outside in so it’s a fascinating process. I noticed @skottieyoung did a similar thing using (I think) Artrage Pro and Ustream in an interactive fashion. Not that I’m anywhere near having an audience such as his but that seems the nest step in the Brushes play – to have people chatting as I go but hey, step by step and all that.


I have been fighting this image all flipping day…


It’s a long story… 99 pages in fact. This is page 33. Loved doing 99% of the page but the face of Red fought me all the way through and it took as much time to do her eyes and mouth as it did to do the rest of the page.

Dr Sylver and the Tapestry and Time went to Highland this morning. We’ll see if the changes pass muster, hope so 🙂 Release date as and when it comes in…