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Tablets and robots and BETT 2014.

No idea of the robots name but I’ve bumped into the orange skull capped marvel first at the Gadget Show Live, then at Teentech (both the Surrey show and the Copperbox show) and now, most recently, at BETT 2014. I think it’s a great design, love the look of it.

So when, at the tail end of one of the days at BETT, I had the chance to borrow a 7 tablet set up on the Microsoft stand, it was the first thing I thought to draw. Well, naturally it was the second, but I’d drawn a good few Marmite jars by that point and needed a change.

I mention it as a video was forwarded to me on Twitter (by the excellent @GeekyNicki) of the picture being painted so here goes, hope you like…


(sigh, grrr, doesn’t embed, will check next breaktime).

One of the interesting things (well, interested me anyhow) was that it was drawn on all seven screens (from a variety of tablet makers) using the one bluetooth stylus (a Jot Script Evernote edition from @Adonit) which happily, on one button press, connected to all of the screens and allowed me to draw as quickly as I could. BETT was busy, no idea how long the unedited and unsped up film lasts but as a quess it would be between 10 and 20 mins.

Would have LOVED to have painted on Fresh Paint on the HP wall. Have mentioned to college people that, if the spare money just turned up in my budget (which did cause a small amount of laughter for some reason), it’s one of the things I’d love to get into whatever the next graphics room design is… Fresh Paint on these screens? Yum.