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On Styli…

((Once upon a time I used to witter on ad nauseum about writing and the books I was doing… Oh how time changes eh?))

I’ve been on a little bit of a stylus kick at the moment, mainly prompted by the loss of a pencil case full of my go-to screen sticks. Was gutted at the time but a: it forced me to return to many I’d used and then discarded in favour of others and b: the marvellous Susan Murtaugh sent me a package of styli to tide me over in my upset grumpiness. Was much appreciated and a very timely reminder that I’m lucky to know some marvellously wonderful people both on and off screen.

So I’ve gone back to the New Trent stylus, the Stylus Sock (which I never left but lost my favourite one), the Bic Crystal Stylus, the Pogo Sketch Pro, the Jot Pro and so on. All excellent styli and good for a variety of roles. I’ve also had some playtime with a Wacom Creative stylus which I was surprised to like as much as I did… And I bought some brush tip nibs for the Pogo Connect which are… interesting. Require more playtime in this case I think.

Yesterday that tied in nicely in two ways with one of the inspiring people I know – the very amazing Nick Thatcher – making me my very own white oak and aluminium stylus as an early birthday present. It’s very cool – light, a warm material in the wooden base which, because it had been sanded with zinc oxide sandpaper and immediately varnished, was also a capacitive conductor. While chatting about it, and drawing the picture below, he also asked me if I had a stylus of a particular make which was the next thing he planned to do. To the best of my knowledge it’s not been made at all and would be fairly unique so I’m interested in what he comes up with. Not that the stylus he made isn’t fabulous, but hey, every new one is new and shiny 🙂


Thatch stylus drawn on Galaxy S4/Autodesk Sketchbook Pro using Thatch stylus 🙂

Sunset on Samsung Premier event night…

Was a bit sad to not be able to get to the Samsung Premier launch on Thursday night, especially as it was one of the unusual nights that I was free from work or so on. The day after was the EV for my A level graphics guys so it’s not as if I would have gone with nothing on my mind… But as it was the EV seems to have gone as well as I could have hoped for (I’m not counting chickens ’til the Fat Colonel has heated the oil yet though. More on that in a future blog post, the EV, not the Colonel’s secret oil temperature*).

I did watch it on the event on the live stream but having been to a good old line up of product launches this year it was one I would have been especially keen to get to, especially as the Ativ Q and Galaxy Zoom look like a lot of fun to use.

That said: I saw this sunset while I was putting the bins out (exciting peek into the world of tablet art there) which I would have missed otherwise (silver linings eh 🙂 ) so whipped out my trusty old (but beginning to show its age) Galaxy 8.9 and drew as quick as I could (brackets distraction brackets). Photoshop Touch runs very well on the machine, apart from the odd moment of catching up with itself, but the main miss for me is the SPen which the tablet I own predates by quite a margin… I fell in love with the SPen on the Notes and 10.1s the college borrowed to do the Barbican and MCM projects from last year (as well as drawing the off cup of coffee) and the brief play I had with the Note 8 at the Gadget Show Live seemed to indicate it was as well implemented on that tablet if not better.

Anyhow: lovely sunset it was, didn’t last that long at all though so I was lucky to have caught it… The moment I finished I had to put son boy to bed so it was very much a ‘catch the moment’ picture.

*An EV is where someone from the awarding body comes to the College I work at and checks my marking (and, by implication, teaching). I’m always a bit nervous on such dates as art and graphics are such subjective courses but, for the most part, the only criticism I’ve ever received is that I’m ‘Tolerably Generous’ which I liked so much I could have had framed 🙂

This year was different though, in as much as the students and I had gone much more tablet art and events centric – not to mention the fact that one class had a quarter ASD students which made it an unusual and, more often than not, brilliantly strange place to be. One student who is the highest on the ASD spectrum that we’ve ever taken through mainstream education should be recieving, as long as the grade boundaries don’t change, a C grade in A level graphics which has been a lot of work and will be wonderful reward.

More to come when the grades are given, mid August, which I’ll be there for, hopefully celebrating with the students.

At the Adobe Summit, London ExCeL, 2013.

So, after the Gadget Show Live I thought I’d take a break and so it worked out… for a couple of weeks. Then I was invited to attend the Adobe Summit and with something that cool on the horizon you can’t really miss it can you?

The Headline Keynote was probably that of Felix Baumgartner who, surely, needs no introduction… But there were fabulous talks from a range of participants and it was all excellent fun and very jolly indeed. I drew on two tablets (iPad and Samsung Galaxy) using a range of styli (partially to show them off to people who asked questions as I was drawing. I focused on my three favourites: Nomad Flex, Stylus Sock and Pogo Sketch Pro but used others off and on through the day).

I used Adobe Touch apps, naturally, with Eazel being used a little (as I like to play a little more methodically on that one and the demands of the day didn’t naturally gravitate to slow image creation) and Adobe Ideas and Photoshop Touch being used a lot. No idea why but I tend to prefer to use Ideas on the iPad (well, I can tell you why on that one – it’s been discontinued on Android) and I far prefer Photoshop on the Samsung devices that I’ve used. It’s an odd quirk of mine (and I do use Photoshop on iOS as well, I guess because I used it on Android first it always feels more at home there…)

(and not that I own a Note enabled SPen device at the moment but Photoshop and SPen are an excellent combination…)

Anyhow these are the pictures that I drew or photographed on the day (with a little bit of recolouring done on the first pic this morning…) Click on any of the photos to get the larger version held on my Flickr site…

(Samsung, Photoshop Touch, Nomad and Pogo. I drew 90% of it on the train and tube travelling to ExCeL).

(iPad and Photoshop Touch, focusing on the giant metal Octopus tentacle above everyone’s heads).

(The giant metal Octopus tentacle above everyone’s heads. The stoic participants barely flinched or panicked, proving that Doctor Who has taught us nothing…)

And there’s a good three or four pics I tweeted out but haven’t finished yet… The point of me drawing the sessions was to tweet the images out as near to when the participants where on the stage, which seemed to work very well and everyone seemed happy with the results, which was also nice. More cool stuff to come, hope you like these pics 🙂




DrawQuest and Didlr…

So today has been… Oh I don’t think I’ll go into that really. Rubbish throughout though. Could have enjoyed it more…

Ended the day by drawing on a couple of devices on a couple of apps:



Like both apps for different reasons. Will write a smidge more about both later I think. Some comparisons deserve to be drawn between the apps.

BOOM! See what I did there?