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Screen Sharing (and so on and on and on :) )

Results day at college today which is always a little emotional for good and bad reasons. All of my students passed, which was good, but they didn’t always pass all courses, which is less so.

So come 3.30 it was time to escape and draw something so off to PC World I went to do 70 minutes of drawing. Which I have been known to do off and on (and on)… (and on). (As well as at the Gadget Show and so on).

I started off with a LG G3, which I’ve wanted to draw on for a while:

Which I liked loads. VERY nice screen and built in art (and notes) app which worked very smoothly. Drawn with a Jot Script stylus (as were all of the pictures below as well).

Once I’d drawn on that my eye went to an Asus hybrid laptop. I’ve wanted to draw on an Asus Vivotab 8 for a few weeks now and this was as close as they got. No idea what to draw and a brief trawl through the sludge of my memory  came up with a Cyberman so that’s what I drew using the very wonderful Fresh Paint app:

(which I also liked loads and makes me more interested than even to draw on a Vivotab 8).

And then, as I still had a few minutes left of the hour I’d allotted myself, I drew on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 edition. I’d been told that side of the shop had a Samsung Galaxy Pro to hand but that proved not to be the case but, while that side of the shop, I decided to draw on the more recent version of the tablet instead:

All in all a lovely hour (well, 70 minutes) of drawing… Enjoyed doing the Cybermen too, so may come back to them in the future.

Of MCM Comic Expo and more…

I should update with videos and pictures and all sorts…

And I will, honest. But the four days of MCM Comics Expo clocked in at 80 worked hours and 36 miles walked. So I’m a bit tired, if I’m honest… Stuff to come but in the short term:

The expo was fabulous, well run and a joy to be a part of. Drawing on the Samsungs was lovely and the Win 8 slate was excellent. Have had to send it back now but can’t wait to try one again. We were very kindly supported by Samsung, Nintendo, Microsoft and MCM themselves and I’m very appreciative of the fact.

The students were uniformly EXCELLENT. More to come on that later.

There was, sadly, a casualty of the show: Stylus T Frog, long time mascot of the graphics group, was stolen from the stand. To be honest better than than a tablet or anything but still, he’s been a loyal compadre for years now and it’s a sad moment.

Barbican this weekend: Sat and Sun 3rd and 4th. If you’re in the area pop in and say hi.

HUGE thanks to the MCM team for making the students and I feel so welcome. Someone asked on the last day if I would do it again… Really hope that was a hint, I’d be there again with more uber coolness.

Haven’t had a chance to edit any video but this captures some of the magic 🙂