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I :heart: doodling…

For a while I’ve been somewhat addicted to playing with the book making software at Blurb.com. Basically I had been looking for a file so had started to go through my back up CDs to find it and was surprised by 1: just how much rubbish I saved off just in case and 2: how many pieces of work I’d completed (or semi-completed) and forgotten. That started me saving some of the pictures into a folder and that started me looking at Blurb.

Since then I’ve been through two iterations but I think I’m getting to a point where the most vanity of any project I’ve worked on will be complete: a portfolio of artwork from the mid 80’s to mid 08. (with a couple from early this year added in for good measure but that wouldn’t help the title so shhhh).

Ironically, with 80 pages more or less complete, the hardest thing was coming up with a cover. FOr the first two versions it was pretty plain: just the Paul ball and the word Paulfolio. Which I do still kind of like but, with v3, I was wanting something different and, by chance, I think I’ve lucked on it in the shape of a free download called Shape Collage (google it, it’s the first link, it’s free, works with Mac, pc, linux and other systems I think and is a lovely program…) Shape Collage takes a collection of pictures and places them on a new image in a variety of forms which you can choose or create yourself. It’s loads of fun, been playing with it for the past half hour when I really should be working, and came out with this. It’s not the cover, but it’s pretty close.


I heart art

You can see a larger version of the image here if you want to.

Yesterdays three meetings were: OK, Good and cancelled in that order. More news to come on that score but loads to do in the interim.