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Drawing on an HTC One (with added video).

I’m a touch screen artist (mostly) now. That’s different, a little, from being a digital artist because of the mobility factor (although obviously I’m not going to carry an IWB with me on my walk to and from work). I love being able to sit on a bus, in a pub, in a cafe or so on and be able to draw, paint and photograph. It possibly helps that I’ve been a long time commuter on busses so can draw at the same time as anticipating bumps, corners and other traffic. It’s not much of a super hero skill, but hey, at least I’ve got one 🙂 Wasn’t particularly easy to draw on the HTC and film at the same time but what can I say, multi-tasking is obviously my secondary mutation 🙂

…but I’m also a part time teacher which means I have to think carefully about which screens I buy (or which screens I borrow when in a shop 🙂 ) I never buy a screen unless I’ve managed to draw three or four pictures on it without issue and with the screen in question accepting the styli I like the most (*cough*looking at you iPad mini with have the styli not working*cough*).

Which leads me onto my latest testing ground: the HTC One.

I’ve drawn on it before (and drawn on one yesterday as well) and hope to draw on it more in the future as well. Like it so far, worked very well with the Nomad Compose and Mini 2, the Pogo Sketch Pro and the Jot Script which are my main go-tos at the moment

The HTC Maxi is also on my list of screens I want to play with, but, just in case, I’m saving the date on the 25th, you know, just in case anyone asks me (or some of my students and I) to come and have a draw on a screen or two 🙂