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The baby carrier…

So… In answer to the first things that spring to mind: yes they were and yes they are.

Without doubt this is the coolest iPad case on the planet, full stop.

The backstory: wifey makes things, amazing things, sometimes out of metal, sometimes out of fimo/sculpey and sometimes out of socks. I’ve not posted many as I’m intending to make a collection of the images for her in blurb book format, but she is amazingly talented and I’m lucky to live in an wonderfully creative (albeit messy) house 🙂

The other day she nicked the iPad out of the box to make me a case. That would have been a wonderful surprise apart for the fact that I then picked up the box to move it and had a near heart attack at how light it felt. Once I sussed out what had happened I felt a little calmer and when I managed to get back from work I was delighted to see a new case to care for my new baby. It’s made, in case you were wondering, from a protective layer of bubble wrap, a nice soft cuddle of fluffy cloth and a decorative layer of old cartoon socks. The ones which have served me well and can be darned no more. I like the fact they live on and, to reiterate, yes they were washed and yes, they were clean.

So: while I was excited to get an iPad in the post I’m now doubly delighted to encase it in the grooviest of coverings. The pic of the Hulk is the fourth thing I’ve drawn in Brushes; the others very sketchy and doodley things created to get my eye in and used to the feel of the screen which feels strangely resistant for some reason (quite possibly the oleophobic coating that is said to resist fingerprints, scratches and so on). It’s a completely different way or drawing which I’m both loving and growing slowly into… On the iPod touch I could be fairly tight with the lines/detail whereas on the iPad it all feels free-er, move expressive and expansive. I hope that in a years time I’ll have found the way of using it as much as I feel I have with the iPod touch… We’ll see. More on here as regularly as I can do to show how things are progressing but, for the moment, it’s time for the socks and wifey’s skills to take centre stage 🙂

The coolest iPad case on the planet.
©Wifey :)
iPad case made of socks 2
© Wifey :)
Socky iPad case 3.
© Wifey :)