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Loads of shrink plastic stuff…

I’m very much not, but neither am I Lex Luthor I guess… Hey ho.

But brilliant daughter made me this to say well done for doing a shrink plastic session with LOADS of kids, despite the fact that I couldn’t have done it without her and her cousin helping out (so many kids! Aaargh!! but was loads of fun as they always are at the ‘Leccy).

Also did a small group making consequence characters and had to make one to show them what they might look like… Hence, of course, Mar-One – the robotic Marmite on toast maker:


… and popped into the Electric Theatre to drop in the final piece of what we did – a large montage picture that everyone contributed to and made consequence characters named after all of the ‘Leccy staff…




DrawQuest/Jar Quest.

Haven’t had so much fun with DrawQuest for a while… I missed a whole week while at the Gadget Show Live for a start and it’s been a moderately stressful end of the year with the graphics and IT students over the past little while, not necessarily their fault but it’s been a long old year so far.

So anyhow, the DrawQuest theme for the day (and still on for the next hour in fact) was ‘What’s in the jar?’ and that led to the pics above and, I think, a couple more. Hope you like. Video, I think, to come.