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Give me a minute, we’ll get back to the above picture later.

I do like, as has been mentioned before, the Microsoft Surface tablet. Especially with Fresh Paint, an app which suits it down to the ground.

A short while ago the hashtag #MeetSurfacePro3 popped up on Twitter to cover a Microsoft tour of UK Currys/PC World stores (and Harrods) showing off the Surface Pro 3 before launch next week. Sounded like a nice plan so I checked the interactive map and found that my two local stores weren’t being visited which was a bit of a boo 🙁

So it wasn’t in my mind when I popped into my local PC World this morning to buy a fridge for my dad (long story). While there the staff noticed I was in and sent a Microsoft rep to me to say they had a Surface 3 in store and asked if I want to play? The original plan had been to buy the fridge and skidaddle but my long suffering wife raised her eyes to the heavens and said that I could walk back and she’d go and get the shopping on her own.

Hence the picture above. (That said I it last on a Surface Pro 2. I’ll get onto that later. Again).

The first picture I painted:

No prizes for guessing why… 🙂 I love both Daleks and Fresh Paint’s signature pink colour.

Once done I walked home… But it was so much fun I decided to pop back later (when we’d measured the space for the fridge). While I walked to the shop I worked out what I wanted to draw, hence this:

(although in retrospect I wish I’d added a green glow to the love hearts 🙂 ).

And then, as I walked home for the last time, I popped into Argos (PC World not having a fridge in stock) and found myself drawing on their demo Surface Pro 2.

All in all a lovely Surface drawing day. Thoughts on the 3? I like the screen aspect ratio (although I liked the widescreen one too), the kick stand works well (although I couldn’t test how it stands up to a longer drawing time as the first pic took 20 mins and the second took 40).

The pen? Well, bearing in mind there  was a lot of hoo hah about the 512 steps of sensitivity I found it perfectly fine to use, better than most of the BT pressure styli I use on other tablets. It reminded me of the Sony pen which worked on the Vaio sliders which is high praise – that’s still one of my favourites.

All told an excellent tablet and I can’t wait to play with it some more…