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Adventures on Touch Screens.

It’s been a busy week at Kercal central on a range of screens…

I had a quick play on an Apple iPad Air 2 following listening to an artist talk at the Covent Garden Apple Store. It’s as nice a device as you would expect (although I increasingly wonder if their obsession with thinness needs an intervention). The screen is beautiful and, with a conscious movement towards Replay and Pixelmator coming for me on tablet I think I should be looking at updating come Christmas time (‘cos there’s no way I’ll afford it sooner).

I drew this in a Moleskine (which  I’ll find and add later) and then on a Surface RT on a train to London (using the very fab Fresh Paint app). Kudos to Arthouse Meath in Godalming for reminding me how funky a flamingo can be.

I am seriously liking the photo sphere camera setting on the Hudl 2. Click on the pic for larger formats…

And on the Shake Shack side I drew this in 11 minutes while they filmed me on time lapse. Look forward to seeing the artwork come to be on the page (well, screen). I am THOROUGHLY enjoying the art residency there 🙂 Bigger blog on that to come.

And finally we have a large touch screen in at work to evaluate. I booked two 45 min slots and came out with these pics:

MS Paint, Photoshop and Clevertouch built in software respectively.

Finally also had a quick draw on a Lenovo tablet in PC World while waiting to see if there was a Google rep near the Chrome desk (only weekends, sigh. But yes, I do want to draw on a Nexus 9 STAT!)

Screen Frenzy! 🙂

Pre-school Surface Tablet art session…

Saturday (and Wednesday as well) saw me take to the Electric Theatre to do some artwork with young people.

Wednesdays gig was doing mini book creation and manga art drawing techniques, which was as lovely as it ever is. I wouldn’t say that the time flies by – oh boy was I tired by the end of it – but the kids were brilliant and we all had a lot of fun.

Saturday was different though – I was asked to sit down and draw on tablet with any kids that wanted to join in. The main change was the Wednesday kids were 12 – 15 and the Saturday ones were 3 -5 year olds. I wasn’t sure how it would go.

As it was it was lovely. I did do some video but have an email to do list you wouldn’t believe but the kids love drawing, primarily on a Surface tablet running Fresh Paint. They occasionally struggled with the method of bringing on the interface but once away they were flying…

(this is the cushion one of the kids had been sitting on prior to drawing. He was a very young mind yet put a LOT of thinking into each colour and where he wanted it. When he had finished I asked him if he wanted to add anything more and he said ‘no. That’s right’ and walked off, happy).

Video, I hope, to come. But it was a LOT of fun to do (thanks ‘Leccy) and I hope I get to do pre-school tablet art again…

Stylus T Frog and Phil the Flimgo. Getting ready for April 1st, honest.

So much to say but shan’t. Don’t want to spook it. Cautiously optimistic of dream project coming together. Several dream projects in fact, but… but…. nervously optimistic.

Stylus T. Frog you know of course but Phil the Flimgo (sic)? You may not have met her.

Basically I am not your average teacher. Not at all. Every Tuesday in graphics class we have WTF to close – Who Th’ Flamingo – where one student is given the yodelling flamingo of shame for doing something silly. Or something brilliant. Or… well… anything really. Someone’s had it for breaking their wrist during deadline week – ‘WTF for exceptionally poor timing, Phil says get better soon’ – and another student had it for ‘casual overuse of internetisms during normal conversation. Phil does not say ROFL out loud’. It’s a positive thing – we have an exceptionally close class at the moment which is something I take a lot of pride and happiness in. More on that to come I suspect but the two graphics classes of 12-13 have been awe inspiring at times.

Which leads me to this; the two mascots on, we very much hope, a road trip on April 1 – 7. It’s the holidays, which is not good, but it’s also a chance to do something exceptionally amazing which the kids are very engaged with the possibility of and so am I.

I’ll know, I hope, soon. If so it’ll be all hands to the grind stones of chaos and aarggh. But I’ll be disappointed if it falls through much more than I’m worried about the workload required.

So: Stylus T. and Phil the Flimgo. Painted on MS Surface RT and Fresh Paint. Hope you like. More to come.