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Moleskine Stories.

Anyone who knows me knows that I generally carry a tablet and a Moleskine at all times. One of the limited edition ones, which I normally try and pick up when they’re released. The pad that is… I’m not in a position to buy every tablet which catches my eye 😉

(I’ve also been known, on occasion, to lose a Moleskine. The picture above captures a particularly rubbish time in the past year where I lost the pad, the pencil case and the mate who’s iPad I drew the detailed meeting notes on).

So I was interested to see, via Twitter, that Moleskine were sponsoring an Urban Sketchcrawl based around the London Graphic Centre and their Covent Garden shop.

As it was World Beard Day I decided to treat myself and join in.

… and fabulous stuff it was too. I packed the iPad and my current Moley (a lovely Peanuts one) and drew, to start off with, the Moleskine store itself (having decided to stick to the Moleskine app for all of the days drawings*):

Then the shop window with the posters and so on advertising the event:

(which I did while multi tasking as normal as I  had a few people asking me about apps and styli… which is fine but reminds me I REALLY must update my blog posts about which is the best app and stylus to use).

As a group the Urban Sketcher (didn’t catch his name as I is short and was way at the back of proceedings) walked us to the Apple Store arches (as it was raining) and I drew this:

After that I popped over to Shake Shack (as I think  that will become the focus of a blog post soon to come, which is pretty exciting stuff if it pans out as planned) and painted this:

and this:

(while chatting to staff about days available/art styles and also eating the drawn objects 🙂 How’s THAT for multi-tasking 🙂 ).

Then it was back to the Moleskine groups 🙂 This time at the London Graphics Centre.


…where the lovely Andrea Joseph was talking (far too modestly) about her artwork, technique, style etc.

By this point I noticed my trusty but ageing iPad was getting low on battery so I plugged in an external battery and swapped to the pad instead:

…and then as a group we walked to a nearby shopping arcade to do some drawing. Ironically, being surrounded by building and glass, I was more taken with the centrepiece of the courtyard – a tree wrapped up in fairy lights:

which I was happily drawing to the extent that I didn’t realise the battery charger had become dislodged. Cue slight panic as the iPad powered down but I needed have worried. Once the power came back on I found the Moleskine app had saved my picture ready to start off again on it.

While I was nervously waiting for the iPad to recharge enough I swapped to the Moleskine app on my phone and drew this:

…which couldn’t be further from the tree in terms of content yet was the view on the other side of the shopping centre’s courtyard.

And that, more or less, was that. I did pop into the Apple Store to have a quick play with Talkboard on an iPad Air (as I really do need to update my iPad sometime and I wanted to check all styli worked on the screen):

… and on the way home, having been reminded it was World Beard Day, I doodled this until the battery ran out for the last time of the day:


Which, ironically, is a picture of me drawing with a touch screen stylus on a Moleskine pad using an iPad stylus on the Moleskine app. It was, basically, that sort of day. Wonderful, a smidge tiring.

So tiring, in fact, that I was in London yet only realised on the way home I’d not been to Chin Chin Labs. Will mention it to Team Moleskine that Camden Market would make an excellent place for a future crawl…

*well, nearly. Apps used in this post: Moleskine Journal, ArtRage, Photoshop Touch, Sketchbook Pro, Talkboard.

So, farewell then Fresh Paint…

A while ago I was asked to do an art day for the Office 365 launch. No money (sigh) but it sounded like an interesting jaunt and I hoped it would lead on to other things. And it did…. I’m yet to feel rich and retire that said but hey ho, the worlds best businessman I ain’t. A dreamer, yes. Flush with dosh? No.

Anyhow one of the most interesting things that came out of it was a love for the app Fresh Paint. It really is a doozy and I’m not just saying that for any cynical hope or objective. It’s a LOT of fun to use. That’s not to say that other apps I enjoy aren’t fun, but Fresh Paint on a Surface tablet is a lovely slab of joy to behold. It was a new style for me and I’ve enjoyed giving it a shot.

Sadly the last tablet (last month I had 21) goes back tomorrow so that funs over. But it was good stuff while it lasted.




Draw Quest is my New (current) Jam.

By which I mean that I’m thoroughly enjoying the app and the cleverness it disperses. Good show.

Not that I’m not enjoying ArtRage 4 (loving it), Fresh Paint (loving it too), ProCreate and so on and so forth. Liking one app doesn’t mean I don’t love the others. But Draw Quest is the one I’m enjoying loading up once a day to see what’s new and to draw something on…

(*sorry about the ad on the vid. Thoroughly irritating as the soundtrack has been misnamed by Youtube. I shouldn’t complain – Youtube is a phenomenally fantastic service – but under the dispute tag you can’t put in ‘Youtube got it wrong’ which is a little un-humble of them imo).

Stylus T Frog and Phil the Flimgo. Getting ready for April 1st, honest.

So much to say but shan’t. Don’t want to spook it. Cautiously optimistic of dream project coming together. Several dream projects in fact, but… but…. nervously optimistic.

Stylus T. Frog you know of course but Phil the Flimgo (sic)? You may not have met her.

Basically I am not your average teacher. Not at all. Every Tuesday in graphics class we have WTF to close – Who Th’ Flamingo – where one student is given the yodelling flamingo of shame for doing something silly. Or something brilliant. Or… well… anything really. Someone’s had it for breaking their wrist during deadline week – ‘WTF for exceptionally poor timing, Phil says get better soon’ – and another student had it for ‘casual overuse of internetisms during normal conversation. Phil does not say ROFL out loud’. It’s a positive thing – we have an exceptionally close class at the moment which is something I take a lot of pride and happiness in. More on that to come I suspect but the two graphics classes of 12-13 have been awe inspiring at times.

Which leads me to this; the two mascots on, we very much hope, a road trip on April 1 – 7. It’s the holidays, which is not good, but it’s also a chance to do something exceptionally amazing which the kids are very engaged with the possibility of and so am I.

I’ll know, I hope, soon. If so it’ll be all hands to the grind stones of chaos and aarggh. But I’ll be disappointed if it falls through much more than I’m worried about the workload required.

So: Stylus T. and Phil the Flimgo. Painted on MS Surface RT and Fresh Paint. Hope you like. More to come.

BETT show video.

BETT show has been and gone. Some parts were lovely and others were a little rushed and stressful. I didn’t get to go and see some things I really wanted to but, but the same token, I got to do some things I wanted to as well and, at the end of the day there’s always Chin Chins to go to as well 🙂

I did get the chance to draw on the 27 inch Lenovo tablet, which was very nice, and to draw on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1s (which I like a lot) (a lot a lot in fact). I didn’t get the chance to draw on a Promethean IWB (but, to be fair, I do have two of those to work on whenever I want anyhow…)

But I did talk about Tablet art stuff and I did mention Nomad Brush, TenOne Design, Stylus Sock, Cosmonaut, Manga Camera, ArtRage, Portfolio to go, Brushes app V2, Reflector app, Olloclip and Astro clip, Parotec cases, Mophie, Griffin and Trent battery packs, Apple TVs and so on. Also did an unplanned couple of minutes on Autostitch and You Gotta See This as I could see the audience was into that side of things.

So, yes. 30 minutes of me waffling, if that’s your bag. Why am I not on commission for any of these companies 🙁 Boo.

Draw Something Pro/No.

I do, as may have been noted, like a bit of tablet art (more on that to come including a long ish post about doing artwork for Microsoft on a Surface tablet).

But a short missive to Zynga; Draw Something Pro is a massively missed goal.

Art packages are, rarely, fun. They’re fully feature packed at times, slow at others. Occasionally they’re strange and frequently they are shaped around User Interfaces that make me stare wide eyed in incredulity that icons could be placed so far away from each other with no concept of how little this aids the user (cough Sketchbook Mobile cough. And to a lesser extent the newest version of Brushes app).

Draw Something? It’s an art package I equate with fun. Love it, partially because I play with friends so it’s already got a fun aspect to it but the feature set is nicely balanced. Like it a lot (although I do get a little irritated at the lack of slide on the watch animation a -> screen… Hey ho, it’s a silly thing and not worth me frowning at but I do end up doing just that…)

Draw Something Pro? An instant download for me. I imagined, in the few short seconds it took up download and install all sorts of possibilities… a zoom function, a draw mode that was unrelated to the game and could be accessed at any time… Maybe colour opacity or a range of brushes. Certainly I hoped for a save function so a picture could be worked and reworked.

And then I clicked on the icon and all I got was a few more colours and an infinite bomb, allowing me to cheat on the words (to all extents and purposes) and… well that was it. At best it meant I could click on additional word choices at the start of a game but, to be honest, I could already do that by exiting the app and restarting. It saved me a couple of button presses and that was it.

A missed goal then. The Pro tag defines an ability to cheat and little else.

I doubt Zynga will read this, I doubt I will  ever see a Draw Something Pro worthy of the name. I keep playing as the friends I play with also enjoy the app… But it’s not something I can use as an art tool and that makes me sad and frustrated. It could have been so much more… Instead we got more of the same and less of the possible.