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Because TWO people DEMANDED it!

/Stan Lee voiceover. That takes a lot of effort y’know. And with great effort comes great lack of energy.

OK, did some doodling on the tree last night post going to two extraordinarily useless meetings and going to get a new staff card, because, hey, if you need to show how safe you are working with kids – throw another piece of paper at it!


I was particularly pleased with how the bark was going and, in that instance, it was something where the concept art had changed the story┬ásubtly. I say ‘was’ because towards the end of doodling Pixelmator crashed (well, constant spinning beach ball of death anyhow) and I had to force quit, leaving only a screen shot to remember it by.


To an extent I’m not that unhappy with that. It makes the tree feel more ethereal, less permanent. Like a leaf floating on the breeze that you catch for a second and then is gone to wherever it’s headed. For the first time I can remember a crash made me smile in a way because it was so in keeping with the image.

I will come back to the pic though, in a few days, Ready 4 Action is nearly on us and I’ve got a huge amount to do for that and ofsted and teacher training and Sylver 3 and all sorts of all sorts. Onwards…